HDPE Sheet 343

HDPE Sheet is economic: 1) Very low friction properties 2) Rigid & tough 3) Suitable for food contactHDPE is a non polar thermoplastic plastic with high crystallinity and perfect electrical properties,Website:http://www.chptfe.com,especially the high insulation dielectric strengh. This polymer is non-hygroscopic which can be used to packing with good waterproof steam. HDPE with Middle to high molecule weight have good impact resistance at normal temperature even in the zero 40 degree Celisius.Its surface won't wrinkle and is weather resistant. Because it is durable it has a long service life and acts as a flexible hinge that won't break. Our HDPE sheets can be customs produce to match specific colors,thickness,size and finish.HDPE Sheet:1.high insulation dielectric strength2.perfect impact resistance3.good heat /cold endurance4.no toxic5.excellent chemical resistance6.low water absorption7.good temperature properties8.great chemical stabilityParameter of HDPEdensity(g/cm3)0.91-0.95Brittle Temperature( c)-120water absorption(%)0.01Linear expanding coefficient1213in-process shrinkage(%)1.55.5-Thermal conductivity(W/(m.k))0.44tensile strength(Mpa)21-37Volume resistivity( .cm)61015breaking extension(%)880Dielectric constant(106HZ)2.34-2.35Bending strength(Mpa)11Dielectric dissipation factor0.0003compressive strength(Mpa)10Dieletcric strength/(Kv/mm)20impact strength(KJ/m )4070Arc resistant/s115Rockwell HardnessR70Oxygen index(%)20Heat formation temperature( c)75

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