Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Ceramic fiber blanketThe ceramic fiber blanket is a kind of inorganic materials,Website:http://www.chinadita.com, and is made from the high strength spun ceramic fibers and is needle to keep exceptional handling strength. It is available in a variety of classification temperature, densities and thickness.We can supply three grades of spun ceramic fiber blanket.FeaturesLight rigidity and light weightLow thermal conductivityLow heat storage capacityThermal shock resistanceEasy cutting and engineeringMechanical flexibilityInorganic , smoke freeApplicationFurnace repairFurnace, kiln, reformer and boiler liningsFurnace door linings and sealsReusable insulation for steam and gas turbinesHigh-temperature kiln and furnace insulationPrimary reformer heater insulationHigh temperature gasketingExpansion joint sealsGlass furnace crown insulationField steam generator liningNuclear insulation applicationsThermal reactor insulationFlexible high temperature pipe insulationInvestment casting mold wrappingRemovable casting mold wrappingRemovable insulating blankets for stress relieving weldsPressure and cryogenic vessel fire protectionSoaking pit sealsHigh temperature filtrationIncineration equipment and stack liningsGrade:1260C standard grade: service temperature: 10501260C high purity grade: service temperature: 1260Zirconia grade: service temperature: 1430Density: 64, 96, 128, 140, 160 kg/m3Thickness: 25, 50mmStandard width: 600, 610mmStandard Packaging: Cartons box or plastic woven bagsCeramic fiber blanket propertiesTypeStandardHigh PurityHigh AluminiumZirconiaClassification temperature (°C)1260126013601430Working Temperature (°C)1050110012001350Colorpure whitepure whitepure whitepure whiteDensity (kg/m3)96969696128128128128Shrinkage on heating (%) (24 hours, density as 128/m3)-3-3-3-3(1000°C)(1100°C)(1250°C)(1350°C)Thermal conductivity by different temperature (w/m.k) (density as 128kg/m3)0.09(400°C)0.09(400°C)0.12(600°C)0.16(800°C)0.16(800°C)0.16(800°C)0.20(1000°C)0.20(1000°C) 0.20(1000°C)  Tensile strength (MPa) as 128kg/m3)Chemical composition   AL2O34647-4952-5539-40AL2O3+SIO2979999-AL2O3+SIO2+ZrO2---99ZrO2---15-17Fe2O3<≤

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