DP5000 Digital Readout

•DP5000 digital readoutFeatures: ● Split-type design is adopted. Digital Readout uses single signal line for transmission,Website:http://www.chinadepps.com, which makes wiring more convenient and simple. The signal line between main machine and display can reach hundreds of meters, and still work stably without losing signal. It is applicable for long-distance transmission between sensor and display. ●Main machine has the function of distinguishing failures, which is more convenient and intuitive to use.● Nonlinear compensation in Digital Readout can reach to 100 point per axis, thus to sharply improve measuring accuracy. ● 32-bit CPU computer technology is adopted, making the processing speed faster, more stable and function more powerful. ●Cast aluminum alloy closure is adopted for DP5000, which can effectively resist electromagnetic interference and protect electronic circuit to steadily operate with good heat dissipation effect and strong impact resistance. ●World’s top chip components are adopted for the whole series of DRO, making counting more stable, capacity of resisting disturbance stronger, and service life longer. ●Double 3M panel is adopted as operating panel of DP5000, which is sturdy and durable, and whose theoretic service life could reach to 1million times. ●More function of humanization design for DP5000:Power-off memory of current position can last as long as 10 years without battery. ●Adopt Taiwan Meanwell power, work stably within voltage range of AC 90V-120V.  ●Ultra-slim design, with smaller size, which is more convenient to use.Functions of DP5000 Digital Readout● Looking for machine origin● 100 groups of segmented repair ● 100 groups of SDM manufacture coordinates● Oblique lines hole● mm/inch● Resetting and setting at any point● Power-off memory● ABS/NC coordinate● Circumferential hole● Linear error correction● Parting in the middle of coordinate● Radius/diameter conversion● Adjustable transformation of resolution ratioSpecification parameters for DP5000 Digital Readout●External dimension:  Display: Width:248mm,Height:148mm,Thickness:25mmMain machine: Width:220mm,Height:50mm,Thickness:140mm●Main machine input voltage:AC100-240V,50-60HZ●Maximum power:15W●Working temperature:0℃-45℃●Storage temperature:  -20℃-70℃●Relative humidity:  <80%●Weight:  Display :1.25kg , Main machine: 2kg●Number of axis:2,3  ●Linear encoder interface: DB9●Signal input:  Linear encoder/Micro-grid (sensor)  ●Resolution ratio of DP5000:  5、10、20、50um●Resolution ratio of micro-grid DRO: 1、2、5、10um External dimension of DP5000Installation diagram●Mosaic open(Width/Height)●Installation method

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DP5000 Digital Readout
DP5000 Digital Readout •DP5000 digital readoutFeatures: ● Split-type design is adopted. Digital Readout uses single signal line for transmission,Website:http://www.chinad...
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