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Horsetail grass is a plant made up of bunches of leafless tubular stems or rushes.The plant frows in moist soil and concentrates minerals,plant is also valued for its astringent and antibiotic properties.In folklore practices,horsetail grass was used to accelerate the healing of broken bones and connective tissue injuries and to promote healthy eyes,hair,skin and nails.



The essential element,silicon,si present in very large amounts in horsetail grass.The element is present in the plant in its organic forms,silicon dioxide(SiO2)or silicic acid/silicate(Si(OH)2).Silica is essential for growth and healing,being a major constituent of bones,cartilage,connective tissue,and skin.In the body silica makes up part of the mucopolysacharides(glycosaminoglycans)which play critical structural role in bone and caritilage.The degeneration of tissues with age corresponds with decreasing levels of silica in the tissue.Silicic acid also stimulates and increase in white blood cells,helping to increase resistance to infection.In the past a tea of horsetail grass was frequently given to tuberculosis parients.The second major glass of ingredients of horsetail grass is the saponins.These compounds have a mild diuretic effect.Horsetail is widely used for genitourinary problems including inflammations,kidney stones,enuresis,lithiasis,nephritis,gout,and prostate problems.


Storage: Store in cool & dry area, keep away from the direct light and heat.

Shelf life: Two years in proper storage. 
Packing: 25 KG / fiberboard drum or as the customer's request


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