Gas cylinder pressure tightness test machine

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An overview of the
Gas cylinder pressure tightness test machine is in accordance with the requirements for G B12137 for bottles, valves and plug thread and check for leaks.After filling the role of this device is the cylinder on the framework, using cylinder lifting and lowering, reasonable structure, simple operation, suitable for gas cylinder manufacturers and gas cylinder test house use.
The working principle of
Gas tightness test using liquid flooding gas compressor, the use of large diameter to drive a piston with small diameter pressure piston connection structure.Using the area ratio of two piston pressure ratio, pressure ratio can be calculated through the maximum output pressure.Work, driving the piston to the high-pressure plunger tip reverse movement, the entrance to a one-way valve opens, the exit check valve closed, the gas suction pump.When piston backward movement, at the side of the medium can form a certain pressure, the pressure will import check valve closed, the exit check valve opens, the high pressure gas output.Liquid flooding gas compressor through a three four electrohy-draulic reversing valve and a relief valve to realize reversing.
Main technical parameters of liquid flooding gas compressor
Drive cylinder diameter: 125 mm
Pressurized cylinder size: 80 mm
Trip: 150 mm
Single stroke volume: 0.75 L
Reciprocating frequency: 30 times/min
Increases the pressure ratio: 2.25:1
Hydraulic pump pressure rating: 16 mpa
Pre pressurization gas: 3 mpa 1.0 Nm3 / min
The power supply voltage: ac 380 v
Supercharging system control system, PLC control, manual control
Bleed air filling process
1. Medium pressure air compressor as the inlet pressure gas, start the hydraulic gas compressor, inflatable bottle group, to set pressure.
Group 2. The bottle bottles of fast charging - of the test, the pressure balance, start the fluid displacement compressors, using the bottle group as into the air fast bottle filling to the test pressure of the test.
3. Start the liquid flooding gas compressor, the test bottle to bottle group quickly back to the gas drainage, to test the pressure in the bottle is close to zero.
Description: gas tank is bottle set of inflatable deflated the longest links, but the process could be at work in advance.Test process, with the method of inverted bottle, high-pressure gas always cycle back and forth between the groups with the test bottles, only a few gas loss, so that test bottle in a very short period of time to finish filling deflated.
The main technical parameters
Model: QPC - 01
(1) work test pressure: 20 mpa
(2) working efficiency: 5-12 only an hour
(3) the air pressure: 0.6-0.8 MPa
(4) cooling, water cooling
(5) the output pressure: 0 to 30 MPa
(6) emissions: 0.6 m3 / min

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