Interference Pearl Pigment

Interference Series
Yortay Interference pigments consist mica and TiO2. The presence of the different color is ownig to the different thickness of the coating layer of TiO2. When the thickness of the TiO2 layer increases, yellow,
red,violet,blue,green can be shown, just like the rainbow interference color. Because the color does not come from any color materiral, it is steady.
YT2001(205) Bright Gold 10-60micron
YT2002(215) Bright Red 10-60micron
YT2003(219) Bright Violet 10-60micron
YT2004(225) Bright Blue 10-60micron
YT2005(235) Bright Green 10-60micron
YT2021(201) Bright Gold 5-25micron
YT2022(211) Bright Red 5-25micron
YT2023(221) Bright Violet 5-25micron
YT2024(223) Bright Blue 5-25micron
YT2025(231) Bright Green 5-25micron
YT2031(249) Bright Gold 10-100micron
YT2032(259) Bright Red 10-100micron
YT2033(269) Bright Violet 10-100micron
YT2034(289) Bright Blue 10-100micron
YT2035(299) Bright Green 10-100micron

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