Common Rail Nozzle, Injector DLLA152P989 DLLA150P991

China Balin Parts Plant has the biggest factory of automotive production in Putian, Fujian province, China. We are specialized in fuel injection parts including plunger, nozzle, delivery valve, head rotor, control valve and so on.


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CELL: +8613799690614

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Below are some of products in the market:

DLLA155P277 DLLA147P680 DSLA146P1394
DLLA139P288 DLLA160P50 DSLA150P1093
DLLA139P289 DLLA150P130 DSLA128P997
DLLA150P421 DLLA150P110 DSLA146P1180
DLLA150P105 DLLA160P9 DSLA148P1133
DLLA150P167 DLLA142P419 DSLA142P1567
DLLA155P273 DLLA160P3 DSLA148P1561
DLLA150P115 DLLA134P372 DSLA147P1082
DLLA155P135 DLLA155P215 DSLA152P1323
DLLA154P332 DLLA155P282 DSLA146P1440
DSLA145P300 DLLA149P369 DSLA146P994
DLLA150P326 DLLA155P223 DLLA147P1229
DLLA155P270 DSLA148P1017 DSLA145P269
DLLA151PV29J DSLA152P922 DSLA140P1086
DLLA155P556 DSLA142P921 DLLA150P100
DLLA155P451 DLLA160P201 DLLA148P241
DLLA150P958 DSLA146P1004 DSLA152P1095
DSLA145P681 DSLA146P954 DSLA152P1101
DSLA154P966 DLLA145P621 DSLA142P1130
DLLA155P451 DLLA148P714 DSLA147P1149
DLLA152P847 DLLA145P574 DSLA144P1158
DLLA155P556 DLLA152P966 DSLA150P1172
DLLA155P857 DLLA148P149 DSLA152P1208
DLLA140P517 DLLA150P77 DSLA150P1232
DSLA134P604 DLLA143P40 DSLA155P1235
DLLA150P30 DLLA150P43 DSLA155P1327
DLLA150P31 DLLA158P1216 DLLA150P617
DLLA140P629 DLLA142P221 DSLA150P1388
DLLA150P960 DLLA147P538 DSLA142P1389
DLLA150P958 DSLA151P1302 DSLA142P1390
DLLA150P961 DLLA154P596 DSLA146P1393
DSLA145P603 DLLA150P52 DSLA154P1403
DLLA150P205 DSLA145P464 DSLA136P1482
DLLA145P574 DSLA145P462 DSLA142P1520
DLLA150P959 DLLA143P123 DSLA154P1542
DLLA145P606 DLLA144P510 DSLA148P1549

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