Diesel fuel injection nozzle DLLA150P991 095000-7172 common rail nozzle

China Balin Parts Plant has the biggest factory of automotive production in Putian, Fujian province, China. We are specialized in fuel injection parts including plunger, nozzle, delivery valve, head rotor, control valve and so on.


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E-mail: vivian@china-balin.com

SKYPE: vivian.vivian50

TEL:  86-594-2650550  

CELL: +8613799690614

FAX:  86-594-2660550

WEB:  www.china-balin.com

WEB: www.balin-group.com


Below are some of products in the market:

DLLA150P1512 0 445 110 153
0 445 110 254
DLLA150P1606 0 445 110 269
DLLA150P1666 0 445 110 293 Great Wall4cyl._2.8L TC
DLLA82P1668 0 445 110 305 JMC4JB1
DLLA155P1674 0 445 110 291 CA4DC1-EU3
DLLA147P1702 0 445 110 313 4DA1-2B1
DLLA153P1720 0 445 110 317 Star-up 4cy1-1.9L/2.5l
DLLA145P1738 0 445 110 321 JMC 2.5L VM-JE4D25A
DLLA82P1773 0 445 110 335 JAC 2.8l
DLLA150P1803  0 445 110 333 Chaochai DCDC4102H
 0 445 110 383 DFM Chaoyang 4102H
DLLA149P1813 0 445 110 334 Chaochai DCDC4D47,2V,Euro3

DLLA157P715 Mitsubishi canter
DLLA147P747 095000-0570 TOYOTA AVENSIS 2.0
DLLA143P761 095000-0562 Komatsu PC600-8/6D1407 
DLLA149P786 095000-0761 Isuzu 6SD1
DLLA133P814 095000-5050 John Deer applications
DLLA150P815 095000-7580
DLLA150P1023 095000-7581
DLLA148P820 095000-5160
DLLA148P821 095000-5150
DLLA148P826 095000-5190
DLLA158P834 095000-5224 Hino P13C
DLLA150P835 095000-5214/5215 Valin、Hino P11C/325PS
DLLA155P842 095000-6591 Hino J08E
095000-6593 Hino J08
DLLA158P844 095000-6363 Isuzu 4KH
DLLA155P848 095000-6350 Hino J05E/Hino J06
DLLA139P851 095000-5480
DLLA142P852 095000-1211 Komatsu SA60125E
DLLA158P854 095000-5471 Isuzu 6HK1、4HK1
DLLA157P855 095000-5450
DLLA155P863 095000-5921
DLLA145P864 095000-5931/8740 TOYOTA VIGO-HILUX/-HIACE 
DLLA152P865 095000-5515 Isuzu 6WF1-TC
DLLA145P875 0934000-8750
DLLA152P879 ISUZU 2.5  Std
DLLA139P887 095000-6491 John Deer D 7430 Eng. 6068HL482
DLLA133P888 095000-6460
DLLA125P889 095000-6480 John Deer - Eng, ine type: 8530
DLLA150P907 095000-5951 CYD
DLLA148P915 095000-6070 Komatsu FC450-8
DLLA138P919 095000-6120 Komatsu 450-7
DLLA150P927 095000-6222 wxdew 6DL/4DL
DLLA138P934 095000-6280
DLLA155P941 095000-6511
DLLA127P944 095000-6310 John Deer application no. 6830SE
DLLA152P947 095000-6250 NISSAN NAVARRA
DLLA155P948 095000-6581 Hino J08、330PS
DLLA153P958 095000-6631 Nissan MD9M
DLLA155P964 095000-6790 Shangchai 6D114、SC9DK
DLLA155P965 095000-6700 W615
DLLA153P977 095000-6693
DLLA158P984 095000-8901/5471
DLLA152P989 093400-9890
DLLA150P991 095000-7172 Hino P11C  Valin380PS
DLLA155P1025 095000-7781/7731
DLLA145P1031 095000-7500
DLLA145P1049 095000-8011
DLLA150P1052 095000-8100
DLLA155P1062 095000-8290

DLLA150P088 105017-0880 Komatsu
DLLA158PN104 105017-1040 Mitsubishi
DLLA145P574 0 433 171 435 CUMMINS
DLLA145P606 0 433 171 454 CUMMINS

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