Common rail valve F00R J02 035

China-Balin Parts Plant, located in Putian, Fujian province, China, is a professional manufacturer which specialized in fuel injection parts. The majored products include Head Rotor (VE Pump Parts), Nozzle, Plunger, Delivery Valve, Cam Disk, Repair Kits, Feed Pump and so on.


1) Minimum order: 10 pieces for each item.

2) Packaging: As you want (brand packing or neutral packing).

3) Payment terms: only accept T/T or Western union payment.

4) Quality guarantee: Superior quality (enjoy 540 days quality guarantee)

Normal quality (enjoy 360 days quality guarantee).


If you are interested in any of the diesel engine parts, please feel free to offer us your enquiry.

We will provide you our best price and service. We would like to be at your service at any time.


Below are some of products in the market:

F00R J01 7270445 120 086/087/127/166WEICHAI WP10WEICHAI WP12F00R J01 6920445 120 081/107/129/130WEICHAI WP6/149/150/169/170WEICHAI WD10/191/200/213/214WEICHAI WP4/224/227/228/244WEICHAI WP12  F00R J02 0560445 120 106/142Dcill_EDC7   F00R J02 0350445 120 117/192/215XICHAI 6DN1XICHAI 6DM2  Fukuda 150TlF00R J01 7040445 120 110/120/156/160YUCHAI YC4EF00R J02 806/164/165/225YUCHAI YC6M  YUCHAI YC6j_E04  YUCHAI YC6LF00R J01 6570445 120 078/124/247XICHAI 6DL1XICHAI 6DL2XICHAI CA6DL2F00R J02 4720445 120 183/242/289SHIYAN 4cyl._HCUMMINSF00R J01 4790445 120 066/067DEUTZ    F00R J00 3390445 120 007CUMMINS ISBeF00R J00 3990445 120 010/014/015/019SHIYAN Dcill_MS6.3/084/085 F00R J02 1300445 120 059/060/123/212CUMMINS ISDe4CUMMINS ISDe6CUMMINS SAA6D107E-1F00R J01 9410445 120 121/122/125/236CUMMINS ISLeF00R J00 0050445 110 002Sofim8140.43F00V C01 3630445 110 304/317/348LAIDONG 3Cyl_1.6LXINCHEN 2.5LCheryF00V C01 3650445 110 356YUCHAI 4FF00V C01 3670445 110 318YUNNEI D19F00V C01 3710445 110 333/334/383CHAOCHAI 4102H_EU3CHAOCHAI 4102L_EU3CHAOCHAI 4D47_EU3F00V C01 3770445 110 362/3634JB14D24   F00V C01 3580445 110 291/359/386/409YUNNEI YN30CR  FAW CA4DC   F00V C01 3590445 110 293/305/313/332Great Wall 2.8LTC/335/343/345/346Fukuda 4JB1_2.8L/347/355/357/365YANG CHAI 3.7L/380/397/404/407QUANCHAI 4D22E CHANGCHAI 4B28 4DA1-2B1 CHAOCHAI 485F00V C01 3830445110376CUMMINS  ISF 2.8F00V C01 3860445110388 Hawtai 1.5LF00V C01 3680445110390 Hawtai 2.5LF00R J00 3750445120006Mitsubishi Fuso 6M70F00R J02 1030445120134CUMMINS ISF3.8F00R J02 2130445120040/041F00V C01 0440445110126F00V C01 347F00R J01 159F00R J02 035F00R J02 005F00V C01 001F00V C01 052F00V C01 003F00R J02 466F00R J01 278F00R J01 451F00R J02 266F00R J01 428F00V C01 033F00V C01 346F00V C01 334F00R J00 420F00R J00 834F00R J01 819F00R J01 714F00R J02 012F00R J02 004F00R J01 329


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SKYPE: vivian.vivian50

TEL:  86-594-2650550 

CELL: +8613799690614

FAX:  86-594-2660550



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