brake hose

Brake hose as follows: brake hose, brake oil, hydraulic brake hose, high pressure pipe, oil brake pipes, hydraulic brake hose, hydraulic hose, tubing hose, trachea, etc., can also.

Usages: used in a variety of motorcycles, cars, multi-functional commercial vehicle, light trucks and other vehicles hydraulic brake system, hydraulic system for power transmission.

Characteristics: low inflation, anti-burst, high temperature resistance, ozone resistance, low moisture permeability, fatigue resistance and excellent pulse performance, the braking effect is stable, secure and reliable.

(1) brake hose specifications are as follows: 1 / 8 "HL, 3.2 * 10.5mm, 3 / 16" HL, 4.8 * 12.5mm.

(2) joints: a variety of different shapes, there are metric thread, the United States and British.

(3) assembly: the code can be based on OEM and customer drawings production.

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