Caterpillar electronic control unit inejctor

This is salses manager Ms.guo from the manufacture and exporter of Chinahanji power Co.,ltd.(,
We are the OEM who has specialized in manufacturing of diesel fuel injection system, such as head rotor , diesel nozzle ,diesel plunger ,VE pump parts ,injectors ,repair kits ,drive shaft , and so on. (Nozzle: DN, DNOPDN, S, SN, PN and so on. Plunger: A , AS, P, PS7100, P8500, MW type, etc.)

CAT unit injector:
Hanji No. Caterpillar P/N Reman Engine
HJ101-1619 101-1619 0R9595 3176B
HJ102-2014 102-2014 10R2781 3406E
HJ102-2266 102-2266 0R9596 3176B
HJ102-6230 102-6230 10R2780 3406 / C15
HJ102-6236 102-6236 10R2782 3406 / C15
HJ103-4562 103-4562 0R4300 3406E/C15
HJ104-7897 104-7897 0R4205/0R9591 3176B
HJ104-7900 104-7900 0R4203/0R4523 3176A
HJ106-2233 106-2233 0R4523 3176A
HJ106-2244 106-2244 0R4524 3176A
HJ106-2255 106-2255 0R9591 3176B
HJ106-2277 106-2277 0R9592/0R4207 3176B
HJ106-2288 106-2288 0R9594 3176B
HJ109-5021 109-5021 10R2781 3406E/C15
HJ109-5038 109-5038 0R4332/10R2782 3406E/C15
HJ116-5426 116-5414 10R0967 C10/3176C
HJ116-5424 116-5424 0R4986 C10/3176C
HJ116-5425 116-5425 10R0968 C12
HJ116-8800 116-8800 0R9595 3176B
HJ116-8805 116-8805 0R9530 C12 / 3196
HJ116-8811 116-8811 0R4521 3176A
HJ116-8822 116-8822 0R4522 3176A
HJ116-8823 116-8823 0R4523 3176A
HJ116-8833 116-8833 0R4523 3176A
HJ116-8844 116-8844 0R4524 3176A
HJ116-8855 116-8855 0R4525/0R9591 3176B
HJ116-8866 116-8866 0R4526 3176B
HJ116-8877 116-8877 0R9592 3176B
HJ116-8888 116-8888 0R9594 3176B
HJ116-8899 116-8899 0R4529 3176B
HJ117-0481 117-0481 10R2782 3406 / C15
HJ117-0482 117-0482 0R4331/10R2781 3406E/C15
HJ117-1146 117-1146 0R4893 /10R2780 3406E/C15&C16
HJ117-1148 117-1148 0R4118/0R4893 3406E/C15
HJ118-7929 118-7929 0R4895/10R2782 3406E/C15&C16
HJ118-8010 118-8010 0R4894/10R2781 3406E/C15&C16
HJ118-8700 118-8700 0R4667 3406E/C15&C16
HJ118-9027 118-9027 10R2782 3406/C15
HJ118-9035 118-9035 0R4668 / 0R4893 3406E/C15
HJ137-2497 137-2497 0R8780 C10/3176C
HJ137-2500 137-2500 10R0963 C12
HJ140-8951 140-8951 0R9256/10R2780 3406E/C15&C16
HJ140-8993 140-8993 0R9257/10R0957 3406E/C15&C16
HJ147-0373 147-0373 10R0963 C12/3196
HJ152-3680 152-3680 0R9258/10R2780 3406E/C15&C16
HJ153-7923 153-7923 0R9595 3176B
HJ156-1011 156-1011 10R0968 C12
HJ160-1090 160-1090 10R0963 C12/3196
HJ160-2303 160-2303 10R0963 C12/3196
HJ161-1708 161-1708 10R0960 C10/3176C
HJ161-1785 161-1785 10R0967 C10/3176C
HJ166-0149 166-0149 0R9530 C12
HJ166-0155 166-0155 0R7549 3196
HJ170-5224 170-5224 0R4986 C10/3176C
HJ170-5235 170-5235 0R9591 3176B
HJ170-5236 170-5236 0R9596 3176B
HJ170-5237 170-5237 0R9592 3176B
HJ170-5238 170-5238 0R9594 3176B
HJ170-5239 170-5239 0R9597 3176B
HJ176-1144 176-1144 0R4667 3406E/C15&C16
HJ176-1150 176-1150 0R9803 3406E/C15&C16
HJ191-3002 191-3002 0R9256/10R2782 3406E/C15&C16
HJ191-3003 191-3003 0R9257 3406E/C15&C16
HJ191-3004 191-3004 0R9258 / 10R2780 3406E/C15&C16
HJ191-3005 191-3005 0R9803/10R0955 3406E/C15&C16
HJ194-5080 194-5080 0R8780 C10/3176C
HJ194-5083 194-5083 10R0963 C12
HJ208-9160 208-9160
HJ211-3021 211-3021 10R0954 3406E/C15&C16
HJ211-3022 211-3022 10R0956/10R2782 3406E/C15&C16
HJ211-3023 211-3023 10R0957 3406E/C15&C16
HJ211-3024 211-3024 10R0958 3406E/C15&C16
HJ211-3025 211-3025 10R0955 3406E/C15&C16
HJ211-3027 211-3027 0R0958 3406E/C15&C16
HJ212-3460 212-3460 10R0960 C10/3176C
HJ212-3461 212-3461 10R0966 C10/3176C
HJ212-3462 212-3462 10R0967 C10/3176C
HJ212-3463 212-3463 10R0963 C12
HJ212-3464 212-3464 10R0725 C12
HJ212-3465 212-3465 10R0961 C12
HJ212-3466 212-3466 10R0968 C12
HJ223-5328 223-5328 10R1003 C12
HJ229-5919 229-5919 10R1000 3406/C15
HJ239-4909 239-4909 10R1273 3406/C15
HJ223-5327 223-5327 10R1256 C10/3176C


CAT Injector :
127-8216 0R8682
127-8218 0R8684
127-8222 0R8461
127-8225 0R8469
127-8205 0R8479
127-8207 0R8475
127-8209 0R8483/0R3742
127-8213 0R8473
127-8220 0R8467
127-8228 0R8465
127-8230 0R8463
4P2995 OR8471
140-8413 OR8867
162-0212 0R8463

CAT Fuel Injector:
4W7015 4W7015
4W7016 4W7016
4W7017 4W7017
4W7018 4W7018
4W7022 4W7022
4W7025 4W7025
7N0449 7N0449
7W7032 7W7032
7W7038 7W7038
8N7005 8N7005
9L6969 9L6969

CAT Element:

CAT Nozzle :
2S9828 2S9828
3N1299 3N1299
4N1251 4N1251
5H5836 5H5836
5M4086 5M4086
7M4190 7M4190
7M4601 7M4601
7N9843 7N9843
7S5105 7S5105
7S8722 7S8722
8N1831 8N1831
8N3173 8N3173
8N3174 8N3174
8N3175 8N3175
8N3176 8N3176
8N3177 8N3177
8N4694 8N4694
8N4697 8N4697
8N7003 8N7005
9F4113 9F4113
9N2845 9N2845
CAT Piston Ring :


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