DN_SD nozzle DN0SD310 DN0SD304

China-Balin Parts Plant www.china-balin.com is a manufacturer specialist in diesel engine parts.

With the decades export experience, we keep the international standard step and testing technical.

And our quality of products is in the same class with other overseas famous manufactures.


The customer’s satisfaction is our pursuit.

If you are interested in any diesel injection parts, please contact us.

We really hope we can start business.


Contact Vivian

Mail: vivian@china-balin.com

SKYPE: vivian.vivian50

TEL:  86-594-2650550 

CELL: +8613799690614

FAX:  86-594-2660550

WEB:  www.china-balin.com

WEB: www.balin-group.com


Below are some of products in the market:

DN_SD 0 434 250 159 DN0SD297
DN_SD 0 434 250 160 DN0SD299
DN_SD 0 434 250 161 DN0SD300
DN_SD 0 434 250 162 DN0SD301
DN_SD 0 434 250 163 DN0SD302
DN_SD 0 434 250 169 DN0SD308
DN_SD 0 434 250 170 DN0SD309
DN_SD 0 434 250 176 DN0SD314
DN_SD 0 434 250 177 DN0SD315
DN_SD 0 434 250 233 DN0SD326
DN_SD 0 434 250 289 DN0SD289
DN_SD 0 434 250 896 DN0SD311
DN_SD 0 434 250 897 DN0SD310
DN_SD 0 434 250 898 DN0SD304
Common rail 0 445 110 044 DSLA142P795
DN_SD 093400-0010 DN4SD24
DN_SD 093400-0090 DN40SDND32
DN_SD 093400-0100 DN12SD12
DN-SD 093400-0330 DN15SDNK1
S 093400-0340 DN0S34
S 093400-0450 DLLA149S394
DN_SD 093400-0620 DN4SDND62
S 093400-0711 DLLA150S344ND71
DN_SD 093400-0800 DN4SD24ND80
S 093400-0870 DLLA155S713
DN_SD 093400-0900 DN4SDND90
DN_SD 093400-0900 DN4SDND90
S 093400-0960 DLLA160S295ND96
S 093400-0970 DLLA150S334NP89
S 093400-1010 DLL150S6476
S 093400-1050 DLL150S6571
S 093400-1080 DLLA150S178
S 093400-1090 DLLA150S187
S 093400-1170 DLLA150S325ND117
S 093400-1180 DLLA150S414ND118
SN 093400-1190 DLLA154S324NP81

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