Preformed Armor Rods

Armor Rods are recommended for the protection of conductors at the point of suspension and stockbradge vibration damper, on alignment or with angles. They protect conductors for line angles up to 30°. Armor Rods fit tightly with the suspension and prevent bending of the conductors.
Damage of overhead conductors depends upon line design, exposure to wind flow, tension and vibration which create mechanical strains through each strand.
Attachment and suspension points of heavy fittings are the first to be damaged because of mechanical strains concentration. The application of an armor rod should decrease the strains and slightly extend the life of the conductor, particularly where the conductor endures severe conditions.
These products are made from aluminium alloy.
Lay direction of the armor rod must be the same as that of the outer stranding of the conductor to which it is applied.
When ordering,please specify:
-conductor type, stranding, outside diameter and lay direction


Model Suitable wire  (GB/T 1179-1983) Clamp length(mm) Diameter (mm) Clamp weight(kg)
Model Outside Diameter(mm)
HL-95/15 LGJ-95/15 13.61 1400 3.5 0.7
HL-95/20 LGJ-95/20 13.87 1400 3.5 0.7
HL-95/55 LGJ-95/55 16.00 1500 3.5 1.0
HL-120/7 LGJ-120/7 14.50 1400 3.5 0.7
HL-120/20 LGJ-120/20 15.07 1400 3.5 0.7
HL-120/25 LGJ-120/25 15.74 1400 3.5 0.7
HL-120/70 LGJ-120/70 18.00 1800 4.5 1.3
HL-150/8 LGJ-150/8 16.00 1500 3.5 1.0
HL-150/20 LGJ-150/20 16.67 1.0
HL-150/25 LGJ-150/25 17.10 1.0
HL-150/35 LGJ-150/35 17.50 1.2
HL-185/10 LGJ-185/10 18.00 1800 5.0 1.3
HL-185/25 LGJ-185/25 18.90
HL-185/30 LGJ-185/30 18.88
HL-185/45 LGJ-185/45 19.60
HL-210/10 LGJ-210/10 19.00 1800 5.0 1.5
HL-210/25 LGJ-210/25 19.98
HL-210/35 LGJ-210/35 20.38
HL-210/50 LGJ-210/50 20.86
HL-240/30 LGJ-240/30 21.60 1900 5.0 2.2
HL-240/40 LGJ-240/40 21.66
HL-240/55 LGJ-240/55 22.40
HL-300/15 LGJ-300/15 23.01 2000 6.0 2.2
HL-300/20 LGJ-300/20 23.43
HL-300/25 LGJ-300/25 23.76
HL-300/40 LGJ-300/40 23.94
HL-300/50 LGJ-300/50 24.26
HL-300/70 LGJ-300/70 25.20
HL-400/20 LGJ-400/20 26.91 2200 6.0 4.2
HL-400/25 LGJ-400/25 26.64
HL-400/35 LGJ-400/35 26.82
HL-400/50 LGJ-400/50 27.63
HL-400/65 LGJ-400/65 28.00
HL-400/95 LGJ-400/95 29.14
HL-500/35 LGJ-500/35 30.00 2500 6.0 5.2
HL-500/45 LGJ-500/45 30.00
HL-500/65 LGJ-500/65 30.96
HL-630/45 LGJ-630/45 33.60 2500 7.9 6.8
HL-630/55 LGJ-630/55 34.32
HL-630/80 LGJ-630/80 34.82
HL-800/55 LGJ-800/55 38.40 2500 7.9 6.8
HL-800/70 LGJ-800/70 38.58
HL-800/100 LGJ-800/100 38.98
Note:The meaning of the letters and numbers in the model no.:H-Armor Rod;L-spiral preformed;after“-”is the suitable wire type.


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