Sintered CuFe Bearing

Sintered bearing, also named oil impregnated bearing, is made by powder metallurgy technology, which is pressed by the mould and do sintering, coining, then it will be soaked in the lubricating oil in vacuum, it is porous structure, and oil impregnated. Advantage:1.Self-lubricating and maintenance-free2.Corrosion resistant and wear resistant3.Good thermal conductivity4.Suitable for dry and oil-free working condition5.High production efficiency and cost effective Sintered iron bearing Density: 5.6 - 6.5 g/cm³Oil content: 18 - 25% Sintered copper bearing Density: 6.2 – 7.4 g/cm³Oil content: 12 - 30% U.S. MPIF   35-2007 Material Standard for PM Self-lubracating BearingDesignation CodeDesignation   CodeCT-1000-K19FC-0303-K10CT-1000-K26FC-0303-K12CT-1000-K37FC-0308-K16CT-1000-K40FC-0308-K22CTG-1001-K17FC-0200-K20CTG-1001-K23FC-0200-K34CTG-1001-K30FC-1000-K20CTG-1001-K34FC-1000-K30CTG-1004-K10FC-1000-K40CTG-1004-K15FC-2000-K25FCTC-3604-K16FC-2000-K30FCTC-3604-K22FC-2000-K40FCTC-3806-K14FC-0205-K20FCTC-3806-K22FC-0205-K35F-0000-K15FC-0208-K25F-0000-K23FC-0208-K40F-0005-K20FC-0508-K35F-0005-K28FC-0508-K46F-0008-K20FC-2008-K44F-0008-K32FC-2008-K46  U.S. MPIF   35-2007 Material Standard for PM Structural PartsDesignation   CodeDesignation   CodeDesignation   CodeF-0000-10FC-0205-35FC-0808-45F-0005-15FC-0205-40FC-1000-20F-0005-20FC-0205-60HTFN-0200-15F-0005-25FC-0205-70HTFN-0200-20F-0005-50HTFC-0205-80HTFN-0205-20F-0005-60HTFC-0208-30FN-0205-25F-0008-20FC-0208-40FN-0205-80HTF-0008-25FC-0208-50FN-0205-105HTF-0008-30FC-0208-50HTFN-0208-30F-0008-55HTFC-0208-65HTFN-0208-35F-0008-65HTFC-0208-80HTFN-0208-80HTF-0008-75HTFC-0505-30FN-0208-105HTFC-0200-15FC-0505-40FN-0405-80HTFC-0200-18FC-0505-50FN-0405-105HTFC-0200-21FC-0508-40FN-0408-34FC-0200-24FC-0508-50FN-0408-45FC-0205-30FC-0508-60  

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