Holtek: EEPROM Memory,Display Driver, 32-Bit Flash, 8-Bit Flashwe can provide the following types: EEPROM Memory--3-wire EEPROM; Display Driver--VFD Controller & Driver,LED Controller & Driver,

we can provide the following types:

   EEPROM Memory--3-wire EEPROM;

   Display Driver--VFD Controller & Driver,LED Controller & Driver,LCD Controller & Driver;

   32-Bit Flash--General Purpose MCU,

   8-Bit Flash--Other ASSP MCU,Voice MCU,Brushless DC Motor MCU,Touch Key MCU,2.4GHz RF MCU,USB Interface MCU,0.9V Battery MCU,Handy Scanner MCU,Two Way Radio MCU,Phone MCU,IR Remote MCU,USB Interface MCU,TinyPower MCU,Small Package MCU,LCD Display MCU,General Purpose MCU ;


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