Model NO.: 52611-S9A-A12Car Make: HONDATrademark: JAKKOOrigin: Hangzhou, ZhejiangPart: Air SpringType: Shock AbsorberSpring Material: SteelSize: Fitting Position: Rear AxleShock Absorber Type: Gas PressureShock Absorber Design: Telescopic Shock AbsorberShock Absorber System: Twin-TubeShock Absorber Mounting Type: Bottom eyeShock Absorber Mounting Type: Top pinSpecification: ISOProduct DescriptionQuick Details: Type: Shock AbsorberSpring Type: Coil SpringShock Absorber Type: HydraulicPosition: RearPackaging & Delivery: Packaging Detail: AT-Parts packing, Customers' packing, Neutral packingDelivery Detail: 45 daysSpecifications: 1. Item name: Rear shock absorber2. All parts are under rigid quality control before shipment3. High quality and reasonable price, we quote the price according to the quality and quantity. 4. Quick Delivery time: 30-45 days after deposit, actually depends on the quantity. 5. Packing: According to customers' requirement. 6. We have close relationship with hundreds of manufacturer that we can offer goods according to your samples and specification. Strut and shock absorber1 OE supplier2 ISO9001 TUV3 TS169494 45 days after sample confirmationStrut and shock absorber1. Multi-lip oil seal extends life. 2. Hard chromed piston rod reduces friction. 3. Teflon coated bushing reduces wear. 4. Rebound cushion prolongs life. 5. All weather fluid. 6. Wear resistant piston ring reduces friction and possibility of leakage. 7. Compression valve selfadjusts for fast recovery. 8. Rebound valve assures fast recovery. 9. Advanced production management. MODEL YEARLOC.HT NO.OIL GAS SJ-12076/05-78/07FL483120FR483119RLZD2015RRZD2014SY-100 SM-100 , SM-120 , SM-20078-81/08FL483120FR483119RL483164RR483163SY-100 , SY-110 , SZ-100 , SZ-120 (Except Air Shock)SY-120 , SZ-12081/10-83/06FLZD3152FRZD3151R483114473114AC100 , AD100(Except Air Shock), AD-10083/07-85/05FL483124473124FR483123473123R483114473114CA1-100 , 106 , 120 , CA5-100CA1/2/3/4/5/6-1 # 085/06-89/0885/06-89/12FL480116470116FR480115470115R480108470108CA2-100 , 106, 120, CA3-100 , 106 , 12085/06-89/08FL470116FR470115R470108CB # 89/09-91F471185R471050CB # 89/09-91FL473352FR473351R471050CB # , CC # , CE #89 - 96FL471044FR471043RCB8/9(Wagon made in U.S.A)91-93FL471044FR471043R470102CD # , CE #93/09-98FL471042FR471041R470102CG1/2/3/4/5(2.0I/3.0V6 Sedan/Coupe made in U.S.A.)98/02--02F471183R371010U.S.MADE90/01-93/08F471049RCA1-100 , 106 , 120 , 13085/06-89/08FL480115470116FR480115470115R480108470108CA2-100 , 106 , 120 , CA3-100 , 106 , 120 , 13085/06-89/08FL470116FR470115R4701081300 , 1500 (AII)96-99FL483180473180FR483179473179RL481130471130RR4811294711291300 , 1500 00-02FL483180473180FR483179473179RL481208471208RR48120747120703-FL473664FR473663R173492MODEL YEARLOC.HT NO.OIL GAS SJ-12076/05-78/07FL483120FR483119RLZD2015RRZD2014SY-100 SM-100 , SM-120 , SM-20078-81/08FL483120FR483119RL483164RR483163SY-100 , SY-110 , SZ-100 , SZ-120 (Except Air Shock)SY-120 , SZ-12081/10-83/06FLZD3152FRZD3151R483114473114AC100 , AD100(Except Air Shock), AD-10083/07-85/05FL483124473124FR483123473123R483114473114CA1-100 , 106 , 120 , CA5-100CA1/2/3/4/5/6-1 # 085/06-89/0885/06-89/12FL480116470116FR480115470115R480108470108CA2-100 , 106, 120, CA3-100 , 106 , 12085/06-89/08FL470116FR470115R470108CB 89/09-91F471185R471050CB # 89/09-91FL473352FR473351R471050CB  , CC , CE 89 - 96FL471044FR471043RCB8/9(Wagon made in U.S.A)91-93FL471044FR471043R470102CD  , CE 93/09-98FL471042FR471041R470102CG1/2/3/4/5(2.0I/3.0V6 Sedan/Coupe made in U.S.A.)98/02--02F471183R371010U.S.MADE90/01-93/08F471049RCA1-100 , 106 , 120 , 13085/06-89/08FL480115470116FR480115470115R480108470108CA2-100 , 106 , 120 , CA3-100 , 106 , 120 , 13085/06-89/08FL470116FR470115R4701081300 , 1500 (AII)96-99FL483180473180FR483179473179RL481130471130RR4811294711291300 , 1500 00-02FL483180473180FR483179473179RL481208471208RR48120747120703-FL473664FR473663R173492

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