Vacuum Casting

Vacuum CastingIf you need a small quantity of plastic pieces with the quality of injection molded components,Website:, Vacuum Casting at Mastars might be exactly what you are looking for.  Mastars specialize in Rapid Vacuum Casting (also referred to as room temperature vulcanization/RTV) to create short run quantities of production-like parts at low cost to you.Vacuum casting allows for the faithful reproduction of components in a wide range of options for companies needing specific finishes, textures, materials, or other features in their prototypes. We have the ability to simulate a full range of thermoplastics and elastomers, and we can also over-mold one material over another to simulate, for example, rubber over ABS, or opaque plastic over transparent plastic. It is also possible to over-mold threaded inserts.At Mastars we are proud to have a highly skilled team of dedicated craftsmen, with a wealth of experience in the production of high quality cast components. Vacuum Castings can not only be produced in a wide range of surface finishes and colours, but can also be drilled, tapped, insert moulded and over moulded on request We can create small and large urethane cast parts with production-like aesthetics and material properties for a range of applications, including medical and healthcare, military, automotive, electronics packaging, consumer products, and others.Material Options: Process options: ◆ABS like◆Cast in color◆PP like◆Insert-molding◆Arcylic like(tints  and clear)◆Over-molding◆Rubber like(multiple hardness)◆Cast-in-texture or polish

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