NL Series Muddy Water And Sludge Pump

Product name: NL series muddy water and sludge pumpProduct category: sewage pumpI. Product OverviewThe pump is single-stage single-suction vertical centrifugal pump. The main components are volute,Website:, impeller, pump base, pump cover, support tube, motor base and motor. Volute, pump base, motor base and impeller nut are made of raw steel, which has the features of good corrosion resistance and easy processing.The impeller is in three single-arc bent shape, which is a semi-closed impeller made of malleable iron. Therefore, it is easy to process and has the features of high strength, good corrosion-resistant, good throughput capacity and high efficiency.In order to reduce weight and turning capability, we make the pump shaft with high-quality carbon cold-drawn steel.The pump base is equipped with four oil seals and shaft covers to prevent shaft wearing and prolong the service life of the shaft.The pump can be used in vertical or slant direction. It has small footprint and the volute need to be buried in working medium. It is easy to start and do not need to divert water. Looking from motor tail, the motor should be working in a clockwise direction.Various specifications of length of switchboard are prepared to meet the need of user based on different places.II. Main Uses:1. NL-type multi-purpose liquid pump is single-stage single-suction centrifugal pump, which is used in sewage operations in mining, paper, printing and dyeing, environmental protection, graphite, mica, gold, ceramics, oil refining, petrochemical, chemical, farm, salt, iodine field, dyeing, wine, food, fertilizer, coking, processing plant, construction, marble factory, gold mine, mud, sand, mud, sewage pond, sending dirty liquid to absorb thick liquid, loading and suspended substances. It is also used for mine drainage and fluids containing mud.2. If the pump is cooperated with high-pressure pump and water gun to form hydraulic mechanized earthmoving unit, then it can be used in land flattening, river and pond dredging and drilling and earth excavation and transport in other small water conservancy projects, as well as urban air defense projects and underground engineering. 3. It can be used to clean fish pond and enrich oxygen in pond.II. Meaning of ModelsParameters of NL Series Muddy Water and Sludge PumpModelRotating  nr/minFlow  Qm3/hHead  HmEfficiency  n%Motor PowerKWNL50-8NL50A-8145020-308-9421.5NL50-12NL50A-12145025-3812-14413NL76-9NL76A-9145050-709-10423NL65-16NL65A-16145050-6015-18425.5NL80-12NL80A-12145080-12011-13567.5NL100-16NL100A-16145080-10015-176115NL150-12NL150A-121450100-15011-136618.5NL150-16NL150-161450120-18015-206822

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