JYWQ Automatic-Stir Submersible Sewage Pump

Product name: JYWQ automatic-stir submerged sewage pumpProduct category: sewage pumpI. Product OverviewJYWQ automatic-stir submerged sewage pump is a new environment-friendly product researched on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology by adopting excellent hydraulic model. It has unique functions in discharging solid particles and long fibers as well as reducing reduce sewage pit.The pump has advanced and proven hydraulic performance and its indicators have reached or exceeded advanced technical level of similar foreign products.All of our products are designed and optimized by computer processing. The company has strong technical force,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, rich production experience and perfect detection means, thus ensuring stable and reliable product quality.II. Application Scope:It is applicable for transporting waste water and sewage containing particles and fibers in the fields of chemicals, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, paper, power plants and municipal wastewater treatment, municipal engineering and other public sewage facilities.III. Product Features1. Use the water pressure of pump itself to stir semimetal sludge in cesspit, so as to completely discharge semimetal sludge in cesspit.2. Design of anti-clogging hydraulic components in big channel greatly improves carrying capacity of sewage, and the fiber material with a diameter of 5 times of pump diameter and the solids with a diameter of 50% of pump diameter can effectively pass through.3. Reasonable design and matching motor, high efficiency, low noise and remarkable energy-saving effect.4. Hard wear-resistant tungsten carbide is used for mechanical seal, which has the features of durability and wear-resistant, and allow the pump to safely work for over 8000 hours continuously.5. Its structure is compact, and it is easy to move and install. You do not need to build a pumping station, and thus the project cost is reduced.6. The water probe is designed in oil chamber to give absolute protection to pump.8. Automatic control box can be equipped to effectively protect electric and water leakage and overload, so as to improve safety and reliability of product.7. The float switch can automatically control the starting and ending of pump according to the change of water level. It does not need special care.9. Water-jacket outer circulation and cooling system can be used in motor to ensure safe operation of the pump under anhydrous (dry) state.10 Owing to its automatic dual-rail mounting system, it is easy to install and maintain, and people does not need to enter sump.11. For installation method, you can choose fixed automatic coupling installation and free movable installation, which can meet different occasions.IV. Meaning of Product:JYWQ Automatic-Stir Submerged Sewage Pump(Structure Drawing)JYWQ Automatic-Stir Submerged Sewage Pump (Curve Graph)JYWQ Automatic-Stir Submerged Sewage Pump(Performance Parameter)ModelDischarge Diameter(mm)Fixed Flow (m3/h)Fixed Head(mm)Stirring Diameter(mm)Rotating Speed(r/min)Efficiency  (%)Automatic CouplerJYWQ50-12-15-1200-1.55012151200290048CAK-50JYWQ50-20-7-1200-1.1502071200290062CAK-50JYWQ50-10-10-1200-1.15010101200290056CAK-50JYWQ50-15-15-1200-2.25015151200290051CAK-50JYWQ50-25-10-1200-2.25025101200290065CAK-50JYWQ50-15-20-1200-2.25015201200290056CAK-50JYWQ50-20-15-1200-2.25020151200290056CAK-50JYWQ50-42-9-1200-3504291200290056CAK-50JYWQ50-17-25-1200-35017251200290056CAK-50JYWQ50-25-22-1200-45025221200290062CAK-50JYWQ50-40-15-1400-45040151400290070CAK-50JYWQ50-25-32-1600-5.55025321600290052CAK-50JYWQ50-40-30-1600-7.55040301600290068CAK-50JYWQ65-25-15-1400-365251501400290065CAK-65JYWQ65-37-13-1400-36537131400290062CAK-65JYWQ65-25-28-1400-46525281400290060CAK-65JYWQ80-40-7-1600-2.2804071600290054CAK-80JYWQ80-29-8-1600-2.2802981600290054CAK-80JYWQ80-43-13-1600-48043131600290063CAK-80JYWQ80-50-10-1600-38050101600145076CAK-80JYWQ80-40-15-1600-48040151600290070CAK-80JYWQ80-60-13-1600-48060131600290070CAK-80JYWQ80-35-25-1600-5.58035251600290064CAK-80JYWQ80-50-25-1600-7.58050251600290070CAK-80JYWQ80-50-30-1600-7.58050301600290070CAK-80JYWQ100-80-9-2000-41008092000145062CAK-100JYWQ100-110-10-2000-5.5100110102000145071CAK-100JYWQ100-70-15-2000-5.510070152000145071CAK-100JYWQ100-100-15-2000-7.5100100152000145073CAK-100JYWQ100-80-20-2000-7.510070202000290071CAK-100JYWQ100-50-35-2000-11100100352000290068CAK-100JYWQ100-70-22-2000-7.510080222000290070CAK-100JYWQ100-100-22-2000-15100150222000145061CAK-100JYWQ100-80-30-2000-15100210302000145067CAK-100JYWQ150-150-10-2000-7.5150250102000145075CAK-150JYWQ150-210-7-2500-7.515015072500145078CAK-150JYWQ150-250-6-2500-7.515020062500145079CAK-150JYWQ150-150-15-2500-1115065152500145079CAK-150JYWQ150-200-10-2500-15150180102500145073CAK-150JYWQ150-65-40-3200-18.5150150403200145058CAK-150JYWQ150-180-22-2600-18.5150110222600145075CAK-150JYWQ150-150-26-2600-18.5150300262600145072CAK-150JYWQ150-110-30-2600-18.5150130302600145072CAK-150JYWQ150-300-15-2600-22150100152600145076CAK-150JYWQ150-130-30-2600-22150300302600145070CAK-150JYWQ150-100-40-3000-30150250403000145064CAK-150JYWQ200-300-7-3000-1120030073000145075CAK-200JYWQ200-250-11-3000-15200250113000145072CAK-200JYWQ200-300-10-3000-15200300103000145075CAK-200JYWQ200-250-15-3000-18.5200250153000145072CAK-200JYWQ200-400-10-3000-22200400103000145075CAK-200JYWQ200-200-20-3000-22200200203000145073CAK-200JYWQ200-250-22-3000-30200250223000145073CAK-200JYWQ250-600-7-3000-2225060073000145078CAK-250JYWQ250-600-9-3000-3025060093000145078CAK-250

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