GW Inline Type Non-Clogging Sewage Pump

Product name: GW pipe-type non clogging sewage pumpProduct category: sewage pumpI. Product OverviewGW non-clogging sewage pump is a new product manufactured on the basis of foreign advanced technology and by combination of application features of domestic water pumps. It has the features of remarkable energy-saving efficiency,Website:, anti-winding, non-clogging, automatic installation and control. It has unique effect in discharge of solid particles and long fibers. The pump uses a unique impeller structure and new mechanical seal, which can effectively convey substances containing solids and long fibers. Compared with traditional impeller, the impeller of this pump adopts single or double channels, which resembles an elbow pipe with a size similar to a cross section. It has had a very good flow property. After being equipped with reasonable volute chamber, the pump has high efficiency and it is found no vibration during operation through impeller static and dynamic balance test.II. Product Features1. The pump and motor are directly connected in the same shaft. It is a mechatronic product with compact structure and stable performance.2. Design of anti-clogging hydraulic components in big channel greatly improves carrying capacity of sewage, and the fiber material with a diameter of 5 times of pump diameter and the solids with a diameter of 50% of pump diameter can effectively pass through.3. Reasonable design and matching motor, high efficiency, low noise and remarkable energy-saving effect.4. Hard wear-resistant tungsten carbide is used for mechanical seal, which has the features of durability and wear-resistant, and allow the pump to safely work for over 8000 hours continuously.5. The pump is vertically structured. The central lines of inlet and outlet are located in the same horizontal line, and the specifications of inlet and outlet flanges are same. It is very convenient to install and remove.6. It occupies small footprint and there is no need to build engine room, which can save a lot of infrastructure costs; after being added a protective cover at the end of the motor fan, the machine can be placed outdoors to work.III. Main Uses:It is applicable industries such as chemicals, petroleum, pharmaceutical, mining, paper industry, cement plants, steel mills, power plants and coal processing industry, as well as transport waste water and sewage containing particles in drainage systems of urban sewage treatment plant, municipal engineering, construction sites, etc. It can be also used to pump clean water and corrosive media.IV. Meaning of ModelsInstallation SizePerformance ParameterI. Curve graph of GW pipe-type non-clogging sewage pumpII. Performance parameters of GW pipe-type non-clogging sewage pumpModelDiameter(mm)Q(m3/h)Head(m)Power(kw)Rotating Speed(r/min)Efficiency(%)GW25-8-22-1.1258221.1282538.5GW32-12-15-1.13212151.1282540GW40-15-15-1.54015151.5284045.1GW40-15-30-2.24015302.2284048GW50-20-7-0.75502070.75139054GW50-10-10-0.755010100.75139056GW50-20-15-1.55020151.5284055GW50-15-25-2.25015252.2284056GW50-18-30-35018303288058GW50-25-32-5.55025325.5290053GW50-20-40-7.55020407.5290055GW65-25-15-2.26525152.2284052GW65-37-13-36537133288055GW65-25-30-46525304289058GW65-30-40-7.56530407.5290056GW65-35-50-1165355011293060GW65-35-60-1565356015293063GW80-40-7-2.2804072.2142052GW80-43-13-38043133288050GW80-40-15-48040154289057GW80-65-25-7.58065257.5290056GW100-80-10-410080104144062GW100-110-10-5.5100110105.5144066GW100-100-15-7.5100100157.5144067GW100-85-20-7.510085207.5144068GW100-100-25-111001002511146065GW100-100-30-151001003015146066GW100-100-35-18.51001003518.5147065GW125-130-15-111251301511146062GW120-130-20-151251302015146063GW150-145-9-7.515014597.5144063GW150-180-15-151501801515146065GW150-180-20-18.51501802018.5147075GW150-180-25-221501802522147076GW150-130-30-221501303022147075GW150-180-30-301501803030147073GW150-200-30-371502003037148070GW200-300-7-1120030071197073GW200-250-11-15200250111597074GW200-400-10-222004001022147076GW200-400-13-302004001330147073GW200-250-15-18.52002501518.5147072GW200-300-15-222003001522147073GW200-250-22-302002502230147071GW200-350-25-372003502537198075GW200-400-30-552004003055148070GW250-600-9-3025060093098074GW250-600-12-372506001237148078GW250-600-15-452506001545148075GW250-600-20-552506002055148073GW250-600-25-752506002575148073GW300-800-12-45300800124598076GW300-500-15-45300500154598070GW300-800-15-55300800155598073GW300-600-20-55300600205598075GW300-800-20-75300800207598078GW300-950-20-90300950209098080GW300-1000-25-11030010002511098082GW350-1100-10-553501100105598084.5GW350-1500-15-903501500159098082.5GW350-1200-18-903501200189098083.1GW350-1100-28-13235011002813274083.2GW350-1000-36-16035010003616074078.5GW400-1500-10-754001500107598082.1GW400-2000-15-13240020001513274085.5GW400-1700-22-16040017002216074082.1GW400-1500-26-16040015002616074083.5GW400-1700-30-20040017003020074083.5GW400-1800-32-25040018003225074082.1GW500-2500-10-11050025001011074082GW500-2600-15-16050026001516074083GW500-2400-22-22050024002222074084GW500-2600-24-25050026002425074082

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