SZQ-40 Pneumatic Barrel Oil Pump

Product name:SZQ-40 Pneumatic Barrel Oil PumpProduct Category: Barrel Oil PumpBrief Introduction:  SZQ-40 special pneumatic oil pump (liquid extractor) (aluminum alloy) can be directly inserted into the material barrel,Website:, extracting liquid in the bucket. It can transport all kinds of oils, general corrosive chemicals, and other liquids. According to the nature of conveying fluid, the material of the pump wet part can choose aluminum alloy, stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, etc. Each part of series products are carefully manufactured by our company. In order to ensure the stability of the overall quality of the oil drum pump, all parts of our products have been through strict screening and quality inspection. Our company has strong scientific research ability, process design level, the larger production capacity and sound quality assurance system. The pump can transport medium such as oil, beverage, widely used in chemical industry, petrochemical industry, fine chemical industry, dye chemical industry, environmental protection, water treatment, medicine, food and other departments. At the same time it is an ideal tool to transport gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, light fuel for small and medium-sized oil fields, oil depot, oil refineries, gas station, station of agricultural machinery, enterprises and institutions, fleet, vehicles, ships etc.Special pneumatic oil pump SZQ-40 50 0.03MPa ≥5Model:SZQ-40(stainless steel)Air pressure :4 kgThe input air pressure hose:Φ8mmFlow:70-80 L/minLift:>4 mInlet :OD 40 mmOutlet: OD:40 mmNet weight:3.6 kg

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