YCB Series Arc Gear Pump

Product name: YCB series circular-arc gear pump Product category:Gear type oil pump1.Applicable Scope:Applicable for transportation of non-solid-particle-containing,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, non-fibrous-containing, non-corrosive, lubricious oils whose temperature does not exceed 80℃ and viscosity within the range of 5-1500cst or other fluids of similar nature as lubricating oils. Also applicable for hydraulic transmission system.2.Main Functions:Can be used for transportation and as a booster pump in the oil transportation system.Can be used as a fuel pump in the fuel system for transportation, boosting and injection. Can be used as a hydraulic pump in the hydraulic transmission system to provide hydraulic power.Can be used as a lubrication oil pump in all industrial fields.3.Structural Features:The gear adopts the internationally advanced technology of the 1990s, i.e. double circular-arc since curve arc tooth. Compared with involute gear, its outstanding advantage lies in no relative slide of the tooth surface during the tooth meshing process. Therefore there is no abrasion of the tooth surface nor trapped liquids, is, and it has balanced rotation, low noise level, long lifespan and high efficiency. Pumps of this series are rid of traditional design, enabling gear pumps to step into a new sphere in terms of gear pump design, production and application.A pump of this series has pressure gap type safety valve as overload protection, with total reflux pressure of safety valve being 1.5 times of rated discharge pressure of the pump. The value may be adjusted within the allowed discharge pressure scope as per actual needs. But, as this safety valve cannot act as pressure reducing valve for long time work, it can be installed onto the pipeline when needed.The shaft end seal design of this type of pumps is twofold: one is mechanical sealing, the other is sealing by filling. Its adoption may be determined as per specific use circumstances and user requirements.Product Parameters of YCB Series Circular-arc Gear Pump

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