KD Model Diesel Water Pump Group-Full Automatic Recycled Water Emergency Water Supply Pumps Group

Product Introduction:Delta KD model diesel engine water pumps group can be choose d according to operation condition lift,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, flow quantity and specific requirements of transportation liquid; the flow quantity range of transportation liquid is 10-870L/s, pressure range is 0.15-6MPa and diesel engine revolving speed range is 1500-2900rpm. The diesel water pumps group is usually used for the emergency water supply of high buildings, water supply companies, steelworks, winery, chemical plants, hotels, hospitals and large-scale projects. This diesel water supply group is suitable for water supply system without watch keepers and it has advantages like advanced technology, high level automation, outstanding performance, complete protection measures, rational structure, easy installation and high performance cost ratio. When the power is off in factories, the diesel engine emergency water supply pumps group will start working automatically decreasing pipeline network pressure.  Choices based on different working conditions: single-stage single suction centrifugal pump, high pressure multistage pump, double suction split pumps, etc.Automatic Control Cabinet of Diesel Engine:1. Manual and automatic control functions. When there is starting signal or the start button is pressed manually, the controller will automatically complete the starting, generator operation, fault shutdown protection etc program controls and process controls.2. Automatic monitoring function. Automatically monitoring motor speed change in the process of starting, idling, acceleration, full speed stages etc. and completing procedures like the starting motor's participation and withdraw, overrun protection when speed is too low or too high, outputting operation signal (switch on) when speed is stable, etc. 3. Display of diesel engine running state. The indicator lights or display screen shows the current state of the equipment including standby, starting up, fuel feeding, self-starting, revolving speed, idling delay, normal running, cooling shutdown, emergency stop, etc.Performance specifications:

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