JMW Series Diaphragm Metering Pump

Product name: JMW series diaphragm metering pump Product category: metering pumpAdjustable metering range: 0-30L/HMaximum pressure range: 0-0.5MPaControl mode: manual/automatic controlDrive mode: motor driveProduct of JMW series is mechanical diaphragm metering pump driven by motor and applicable to precise measurement of fluids in bottom pressure situations,Website:, with pump heads of multiple MOCs be optional and membrane be multi-layer composite PTFE. Due to its high metering precision, stability and use requirements, the pump is widely used for the treatment of sewage, addition of food agents, and delivery of all kinds of special mediums.Product parameters Materials of pump headWorking conditionsMetering pump head: PVC, SUS304, SUS316, PTFEEnvironment temperature: -30℃---60℃Metering valve: PVC, SUS304, SUS316, PTFEMotor: two-phase and three-phaseValve ball: silicon dioxide, SUS304, SUS316, ceramicsPower: 25W 80WSeal: PTFE, PVCProtection grade: IP54Parameters of JMW series ModelFlow(L/H)Pressure(MPa)Punch frequency(MIN-1)Inlet and outlet diametersWeightKgJMW-5/0.550.5120Φ6 hose, containing filter bottom valve and injection valve4.5JMW-10/0.4100.4120JMW-20/0.3200.3120JMW-30/0.3300.3120

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