GC Series Multistage Boiler Feed Pumps

Product Name: GC series Multistage Boiler Feed PumpsProduct category: Multistage PumpsI. Product Overview:GC type pump are horizontal,Website:http://www.hpumpequipment.com, single-suction multistage segmental centrifugal pumps and have the characteristics of high efficiency, wide performance range, safe and stable running, low noise, long service life and easy installation and maintenance. They are used for transporting clean water or other liquids with the physicochemical property similar to that of water. Products of our company are all designed and optimized through computers. Our company has strong technical force, abundant production experience and perfect testing means, so that stability and reliability of product quality are guaranteed.II. Scope of Application:The pumps are applicable to industrial and urban water supply & drainage, pressurizing and water supply for high-rising buildings, hot and cold water circulation pressurization for garden sprinkling irrigation, fire control pressurization, long-distance water supply, heating, bathroom, etc. as well as equipment matching, and particularly suitable for water supply for small boilersIII. Product Characteristics:1. The hydraulic model is advanced, efficiency is high, and high performance range. 2. Pumps run smoothly at low noise. 3. Shaft seals adopt soft packing seal or mechanical seal. The seal is safe and reliable, the structure is simple, and maintenance is convenient and quick.IV. Technical Parameters:Flow rate: 5-55m3/h ;Head:46-301m ;Power: 3-75KW ;Rotation speed: 2950r/min ;Diameter: phi 40-phi100 ;Temperature: ≤ 110 DEG C;Working pressure: ≤ 2.7MpaV. Model implications:performance parametersModelFlow Rate (mз/h)Head (m)Rotation Speed (r/min)Efficiency (%)Power(KW)Shaft PowerMotor Power1.5GC-5×2646295038231.5GC-5×3669295038341.5GC-5×469229503845.51.5GC-5×5611529503857.51.5GC-5×6613829503867.51.5GC-5×7616129503877.51.5GC-5×861842950388111.5GC-5×962072950389112GC-5×21064295039.64.47.52GC-5×31096295039.66.611.02GC-5×410128295039.68.815.02GC-5×510160295039.611.015.02GC-5×610192295039.613.218.52GC-5×710224295039.615.422.02GC-5×810256295039.617.630.02GC-5×910288295039.619.87.52.5GC-6×21562295043.75.811.02054295047.×31593295043.78.715.02081295047.49.315.02.5GC-6×415124295043.711.622.020108295047.412.422.02.5GC-6×515155295043.714.522.020135295047.415.522.02.5GC-6×615186295043.717.430.020162295047.418.630.02.5GC-6×715217295043.720.230.020189295047.421.730.02.5GC-6×815248295043.723.237.020216295047.424.837.02.5GC-6×915279295043.726.12220243295047.427.9224GC-8×2308629505113.830458229506016.8305576295062.518.1304GC-8×33012929505120.7374512329506025.23755114295062.527.2374GC-8×43017229505127.6554516429506027.65555152295062.536.2554GC-8×53021529505134.5554520529506042.05555190295062.545.3554GC-8×63025829505141.4754524629506050.47555228295062.554.1754GC-8×73030129505148.2754528729506058.87555266295062.563.4754GC-8×83034429505155.01004532829506067.010055304295062.573.01004GC-8×93038729505162.01004536929506075.510055342295062.582.01004GC-8×103043029505169.0-4541029506084.0-55380295062.591.0-

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