DIN Spring Washer

Shanghai Jinrui owes total assets of RMB 50 million with area of 5000㎡. The business covers 18 countries from five continents.Now three branches of Shanghai Jinrui are Shanghai Xingrui Bolt Factory,Website:http://www.chinajinrui.net, Shanghai Xingrui Wire Steel Factory, and Shanghai Xingrui Hot heading Factory.DIN standard Spring washer  covers the dimensional requirments of metric series Spring WASHER.The standard of DIN standard Spring washer  is DIN127 ,  The spring washer is widely used, mainly goes with bolt and screw. mostly made from steel 65Mn and steel #70 with high hardness  StandardGradeFinshDIN12765Mn     white zinc      yellow zinc black oxide      H.D.G     Dacromet      ...#70

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