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Pipes and valvesWe design and make the pipeline system under national standards. The material of pipes and valves,Website:http://www.prettechtank.com, the welding, installation, checking and testing are all according to the most strict standard in this industry. 3D model is available for review and assessment.

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Brewhouse System
Brewhouse System BrewhouseBrewhouse have all the components which are necessary to brew beer,Website:http://www.prettechtank.com, from malt mill, Mash tun/Lauter tu...
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Edible Oil Storage Tank
Edible Oil Storage Tank Edible Oil Storage TankThis type of tank is designed for use under atmospheric pressure. Their design depends on technology and process. They can b...
Support Equipment
Support Equipment Auger:Material: SS304Max. capacity: 3000kg/HABB motorMatched with malt mill machineAuger length,Website:http://www.prettechtank.com, voltage& frequ...
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