HPET-113 PET Film

HPET-113 PET Film Quick DetailsMaterial: PETType: Stretch FilmUsage: Packaging FilmFeature: Moisture ProofHardness: SoftProcessing Type: CastingTransparency: TranslucentPlace of Origin: China (Mainland)Norminal Thickness: 12umCorona Discharge: NO corona dischargeRoll ID: 76.2mm(3''),152mm(6'')Connector Number:≤1Thickness: 8~75umApplication: printing Features1). Optically brilliant, clear appearance2). Higher modulus and excellent tensile strength3). Excellent dielectric properties 4). Good flatness and coefficient of friction (COF)5). Tear-resistant and puncture-resistant characteristics6).Wide range of thickness 8 micron up to 75 micron7). Excellent dimensional stability over a wide range of temperatures 8). Very good resistance to most common solvents, moisture, oil, and grease 9). Excellent barrier against a wide range of gases.10).Widely use for packaging, printing, laminating,metallizing, decroation, electrical insulation UsageOur products BOPET film (8-75um) can be widely used in the packaging of the food,medicine and other commodities,the industry application field such as the tape,the card,electrical insulation film.Product specificationThicknessWidthRoll ID8~75μm380~2000mm76.2mm(3") , 152mm(6")Connector NumberThe connector number of each roll    for superior product:≤1; Base on the Standard length, connector    rate 0f each roll: ≤10%.Note: Other specifications of the film may be    adjusted upon consumer request.Conventional length is equivalent to    12 μm of 6,000 m, 12,000 m, 18,000 m, 24,000 m, etc. Typical property  valuesItemUnitsTypical ValuesTest MethodNominal thicknessum12DIN 53370Thickness Deviation%±1.5ASTM D 374Tensile strength(MD/TD)MPa220/240ASTM D 882Elongation(MD/TD)%120/110ASTM D 882Heat Shrinkage(MD/TD)150°C,30min%1.8/0.3ASTM D 1204Haze%3ASTM D 1003Gloss%130ASTM D 2457Surface Wetting TensionsCorona DischargeDyne/cm52ASTM D 2578 NO corona Discharge 40 Packaging & DeliveryPackaging: according to customer's requirementsDelivery: within 2 weeks after receiving the prepayment

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