EC Ferrite Core

Mode:Soft ferrite ec core for transformer.Application information :EC ferrite magnet is similar with EE,ED,EI ferrite core, commonly used for swich transformer, filters, high current transformer,can maintain the performance with the frequency and temperature increased…. .Delivery time:3-4 weeks for 150000PCSPayment Item:We can discuss according to customer’s requirements.(Commonly 100% T/T below USD 5000)Original Country:ChinaSamples:5-10pcs free samples for freight collectCompetitive Advantages:1, 20 years experiences in ferrite core production. 2, Good technical team 3 Small order can be accepted  4 The countries we export include America, Singpore,Australia, Hungary,Italy,Malaysia, Korea and so on.Size:EC19/23,EC25/9,EC25/10,EC28/19,EC2820,EC2828,EC2834, EC2928,EC2932,EC2934,EC3013,EC3016,EC3019,EC3028,EC3038, EC3113,EC3120,EC3335,EC3435,EC3542,EC3613,EC3643,EC3940, EC3942,EC3944,EC4042,EC4045;

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