Rubber Keypad Assembly

Silicone rubber keypads are the most widely used form of switch technology today. We offer reliability, long life and design flexibility. Conductive rubber switches and keypads were originally developed for  the electronics industry to meet the increasing demand for inexpensive momentary switches. Conductive rubber keypads became desirable because they look and feel like traditional push-button style switches, but do not have their inherent disadvantages. Since their introduction over 30 years ago, conductive rubber switches and keypads have gained enormous popularity and wide-range acceptance because of their reliability, long operational life and excellent tactile feel. Innovative key coatings for our silicone rubber keypads are silicone, parylene, and Dura (Hard Coat). Silicone rubber keypads can be designed for applications exposed to water and hydrocarbons. Enhanced graphics and lighting options allow your product to incorporate features not found on standard silicone. > What kind of rubber keypads that LUPHI can do?      •  different hardness rubber keypads;     •  with different shapes carbon pills;     •  color keys rubber keypads;     •  Laser etched rubber keypads;     •  with soft epoxy on key surface keypads;     •  second molded keypads;     •  with light through pipes keypads;     •  rubber seals;     •  P+R (plastic caps plus the rubber keypads) & liquid silicone injection;  

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