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Compass has the best international team, Compass will provide the most high quality management services of bidding advertisement of search engine------in the marketing、creative of the AD copy、account management and so on various aspects, our professionals will provide the best service for you.

    Compass will provide the tailor-made high quality advertising for your site, the bilingual employees in our team, they not only have business education background, they can quickly familiar with the business of your company, but also have more fluent language ability as guarantee, to make sure that you is the most effective and rapid communication with us.

    Whole-process service: from keywords to payment

    Compass provide you with the search engine keyword bidding advertisement management services include:
Search engine bidding rankings advertising account opening--Compass will fully assist you to open the search engine advertising accounts. You or your company will have independent search engine advertising accounts, at any time and place, you can view or management directly into account.

    The overall strategy and keyword filtering--- first, Compass will for your enterprise, enterprise business environment and your competitors, thorough analysis after have a certain understanding, Compass will for you to choose the most suitable for enterprises and products of high quality keywords.

    The creative writing of AD copy----Compass will carefully for you to write the most appropriate advertising creative, and through the online test, modify, launched into the process of the adjustment in order to achieve the conversion and maximize the return on investment of. In our view, a process that requires both creativity, it is very scientific, because it covers the unique insights of our many team members.

    In-depth analysis of Website----Compass will all relevant pages of your site depth analysis: from the visitors landing page to the final payment process, Compass will provide the most specific changes, maximum optimization Website conversion rate.

    The daily management----Compass will daily real-time monitoring the progress of the promotion activities, and timely optimize the keywords, bidding, and advertising creative adjustment.

    weekly/monthly reports----According to your requirements, Compass will provide you with relevant data weekly/monthly report. The report content can be customized according to you be fond of, to meet the needs of your marketing team.

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