Apperance:White crystals


Package:25kg Drum

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Butyl P-aminobenzoate
Butyl P-aminobenzoate CAS:94-25-7 Apperance:White crystal powder Content:99-101% Package:25kg Drum
P-Aminobenzamid CAS:2835-68-9 Apperance:White crystals Content:≥99.5%(HPLC) Package:25kg Drum
UV absorbers
UV absorbers CAS:57834-33-0 Apperance:Pale yellow liquid Content:≥98.5% Package:25kg blue plastic bucket
M-Aminobenzoic acid
M-Aminobenzoic acid CAS:99-05-8 Apperance:White crystalline powder Content:≥99% Package:25kg Drum
Parsol CAS:70356-09-1 Apperance:White powder Content:≥98% Package:25kg full drum
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