PC Roofing Shelter

HUASHILONG's Sheet Standing-Seam connection Architectural System is specially developed to construct transparent lighting curtain of different shapes. Integrated with advanced functions and structure design, the system has developed and adopted the top-grade production processes and processional equipment, utilizing 100% imported super polycarbonate as raw materials. Its unique U-shape connection and free-floating structure provide the architect designers more freedom for their imaginations, so as to carry out more modern, beautiful and environment-friendly proposal, totally free from the restriction of the materials.
Product Features
1)100% leakage prevention: Unique U-polycarbonate connection structure is able to bear bigger external force such as the one from wind-load, and snow-load, and also achieves 100% leakage protection.
2)Lower construction cost: U-polycarbonate connection structure lightens the whole construction load. It can enlarge the span of keel, and lower the strength of it. Ever self-supporting structure can be adopted to save the supports.
3)More beautiful appearance: By utilizing U-shaped panels, the whole roof system is made of transparent polycarbonate materials, and the whole lighting part looks elegant without using any screws, aluminum pressing strips or and sealant.
4)Safer: Traditional panels are secured on the supporting steel tubes through screws, which might cause cracks in the panel due to the different expansion rate of both the tubes and panel when temperature changes, damaging the whole roof lighting system. Huashilong's U-shaped panels are all made of polycarbonate as the raw materials, whose thermal expansion rate is identical. Besides, the unique free floating structure ensure no-cracking of the whole dome.
5)More energy saving: Compared with panels of the same thickness, the multi-layer panels features in lower thermal conducting coefficient, capable of saving 20-30% costs for air-conditioning.
1. Buildings
2. Business and shops
3. Roofs of stadiums
4. Pavement with canopies
5. Outdoor market
6. Gas station
7. Entrance, Canopy of swimming pool

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PC Roofing Shelter
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