HID Electronic Ballast

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Models: DE70W-M, DE100W-M, DE150W-M, DE250W-M, DE400W-M,DE70W-H, DE100W-H, DE150W-H, DE250W-H, DE400W-H

Type: electronic ballast

Usage:metal halide, high pressure sodium

Power facter:>0.98

Protection: Hot start,short circuit,open circuit,Failure ignition protection

Input voltage:110-260VAC


1) little pollution to grid,Harmonic is less than 10%,

2) high efficiency, long lifespan,

3) no strobe, nosieless,

4) low temperature raise,

5) Whole sealing power, waterproof, good insulation and heat dissipation,

6) Energy-saving, environment-friendly,

7) Light weight, small size, easy installation,

8) Auto on/off, regular dimming;

9).Do data acquisition through Internet and switching intelligent control

10) ad-hoc network function, power carrier, wi-fi, GPRS are for choose from.

11)2 years warranty

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