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MOORE (HK) AUTOMATION LIMITED is a company that professionally engaged in large system DCS spare parts supply.

We supply DCS, PLC, MOTOROLA MVME, Anybus, RTU, IPC, IPC, SCSI (50, 68, 80Pin), AnyBus (Gateway), etc.

They're different InStock products in high quality that we can supply promptly with a fair price.

We also provide safely expresses with responsibility and credit in a fast delivery period.

We look forward to cooperating with you for our beautiful future.



 NEW ASM PN: 1019-461-01 Bracket



 NEW ASM PN: 16-170166C01 Cable-Forearm-Indexer


 NEW ASM PN: 03-321924D02 I/O Circuit Board-Temperature Controller PCB Assy


 NEW Balluff BCS 018-NO-1-C-03 Capacitive Proximity Sensor, ASM PN: 77-120225A06


 NEW ASM PN: 2850133-01 Interconnect Circuit Board Assembly


 NEW Advanced Energy/Aera FC-PA7810 H2 Mass Flow Controller MFC ASM 54-125598A15


 NEW ASM PN: 03-111228D01 PCB ASSY-DTC ISBX Board Assembly


 NEW Qualiflow AFC 261 NH3 5 slm Mass Flow Controller MFC ASM PN: 54-106860A47


 NEW ASM PN: 16-007110B30 Polygon 8300 P8300 Pulsar Reactor Shipping Bag


 NEW Entrelec/ABB 8010.05/801005 AB 24 VDC Terminal Block, ASM PN: 44-122035A63


 NEW ASM PN: 1025-240-05 Cable Assembly, ASSY-CA SCR BRIDGE 3 to SCR17


 NEW ASM PN: 1025-240-06 Cable Assembly, ASSY-CA SCR BRIDGE 3 to SCR18


 Universal Voltronics BP 6.5-100-LASL 6.5 kV 100 mA High Voltage Power Supply


 NEW Horiba STEC SEC-4500M H2 20 slm Mass Flow Controller MFC ASM PN:54-123117A29


 NEW ASM PN: 54-123492A01 Norcimbus MFX Gas Panel Controller, Koyo 205 PLC


 NEW ASM PN: 26-106652A96 Fuse-50 A 660V Semicond 22MM x 58MM, Protistor



 NEW MKS 892B-26616 Micro-Baratron Pressure Transducer w/LED Display


 NEW ASM PN: 45-121690A12 Expander, Vetra Systems VIP-380-T Transmitter Unit


 NEW Parker 2-320 FF350 Parofluor Ultra 2-320/75 White O-Ring ASM PN:60-122486A39


 NEW ASM PN: 16-328032B04 Pin-Ring Support .170 Long


 NEW MKS PN: 03899-0012 ASSY, IONIZER, SH/LG, OP, TH Assembly


 Bird 50E 50W 400-1000 MHz Wattmeter Slug/Element 43+


 NEW ASM PN: 60-106222A52 Seal-Lip-1.06 ID x 1.31 OD Zurcon

 NEW Qualiflow AFC 260 H2 5 slm Mass Flow Controller MFC ASM PN: 845003496


 Narda/L3 DC-18 GHz 28V SP3T RF Coaxial Switch SEM 133/SEM133 3 Position SMA


 NEW Potter & Brumfield Tyco R10-E1P2-V185 Relay 12VDC DPDT, ASM PN: 44-105224A97


 Refurbished SCP/Santa Clara Plastics 3107 Process Timer PN: 942-006-1AS


 TTC / Acterna TPI 650 Frame Relay Test Set w/SMDS DXI


 NEW ASML/SVG SVGL PN: 4022.456.07621 Ball Valve


 HP/Agilent E3610A Benchtop Dual-Range DC Power Supply 30W 8V/15V, 3A/2A


 NEW ASM PN: 16-007110B20 E3000 Wafer Transfer Module Shipping Bag Epsilon 3000


 NEW Huntington AOO-1545 Inline Pneumatic Valve ISO 3" A00, ASM PN: 50-122525A20


 TTC / Acterna T-BERD 224 PCM Analyzer W/12041/14875/41243/41249/42659/43016+


 Refurbed ASM 03-108401D01 DTC Processor PCB Board, Phoenix Digital 2004-0030-C


 Cymer Module 05-10000-07 High Voltage Power Supply 1kV KSI LS6000 Kaiser KSI


 Novellus 02-259457-00 C3 Vector Spindle Assy Assembly


 FCI KB14-950-2.5 .0025 MFD High Voltage Capacitor


 NEW Trillium LTX PN: 865-7027-02 HPCB Printed Circuit Board Assembly PCB


 NEW Brooks 002-4037-04 PowerPak Battery Back Up Unit


 Bird 10D/Struthers 503E-10 10W 200-500 MHz Wattmeter Slug/Element 7/8" 43 & 503


 Tektronix TDS1002B 60 MHz Digital Storage 2-Channel Oscilloscope w/Probe


 Refurbed AMAT 0100-11000 Analog Input Board Card PCB


 MKS Ion Systems 775pvs Periodic Electrostatic/Ionizer Verification System


 NEW ASM 2914670-001 !!Retro Kit, PSU10,20,32 A412


 Huntron Tracker HTR 1005B Pulse Generator/Signal Tracer Component Checker 1000


 NEW ASM PN: 830101039 !!Tool Dismantling EMO


NEW ASM PN: 830101039 !!Tool Dismantling EMO


 NEW ASM PN: 02-352380-01 Assy-Paddle/Arm-100MM-Quartz


 Asymtek C-702 Automated Dispensing System


 NEW ASM PN: 93000-05832 34CORE Blue-Line Cable 34-Core Ribbon Cable


 Aeroflex JcAIR T1200 Control Display Unit CDU/ARINC 429 Bus Analyzer T1200B


 NEW ASM PN: 02-333414D01 Assy-Panel-Loadlock Access Control-LH Assembly


 Verteq A100-39MC Spin Rinser Dryer SRD Rotor


 Bird APM-5L 5 W 1700-2200 MHz Wattmeter Element/Slug for APM-16 Plug-In 5W


 Bird DPM-50E 1.25 W-50 W 400-960 MHz Wattmeter Element/Slug for DPS/5010 50W


 NEW ASM PN: 16-190353D01 200MM Susceptor-Passivated, 8" 200 mm


 NEW MKS DMA12TCEEANN633 100 Torr i-Baratron Pressure Transducer Manometer ASM


 NEW ASM PN: 16-187840D01 Chamber-Process-300MM RP-Short Flange


 Fisher Scientific 496A Isotemp Inert Atmosphere Oven 200°C, 10-496-115




 NEW Applied Materials/AMAT 0010-00171 Gate Valve Actuator Assembly


 National Instruments AT-MIO-16X Multifunction DAQ I/O PC AT/EISA Board


 NEW Advanced Energy/Aera FC-7800 SiH4 Mass Flow Controller MFC ASM 54-123806A40


 NEW Applied Materials AMAT 0010-00813 Flatfinder Assembly 150 MM Stretch Endura


 LTX/Creedence PN: 865-0045-00 Traveler Control BITS Circuit Board Card PCA


 NEW ASM PN: 1025-239-04 Cable Assembly, ASSY-CA SCR BRIDGE 2 to SCR10




 NEW Dwyer 1910-5 1.40-5.5" W.C. Differential Pressure Switch ASM PN:33-116814A18


 Motorola ST-1302B PN: 58-84918L04 50W 500-1000 MHz Power Meter Sensor (1 GHz)


 NEW Celerity/Unit UFC-8161 H2 500 sccm Mass Flow Controller MFC ASM 54-123498A31


 NEW Narda 3096/23379 7mm Precision High-Directivy Directional Coupler 8.5-18 GHz


 Headway Research 1-PWM101-ECR485 Pulse Width Remote Control Panel & Power Pack


 NEW Lam Research PN: 853-035882-002 Heated Line Elbow Fitting Assy, CA, ELB FTG


 Domnick Hunter Nitrox UHP-40H Hydrogen Gas Generator


 Bird 25-A-MFN-20 25 W 20 dB Bi-Directional Convection Cooled Attenuator w/Type-N


 Bird 50-A-FFN-30 50 W 30 dB Bi-Directional Convection Cooled Attenuator w/Type-N


 NEW ASM PN: 03-142707-01 PCB Assy-Config Low/High Temp OM


 NEW Allen-Bradley 1747-SDN SLC 500 DeviceNet Scanner Module, ASM PN:54-106931A54


 Eimac SK-1300 Air System Tube Socket 3CX5000/3CX10000/3CX15000/3CX20000/3CX30000


 NEW ASM PN: 60-119075A97 2-269/70D White Silicone O-Ring


 NEW ASM PN: 3751937-01 Cover-Lamp Ends-Lower-RH


 NEW Omron G3PA-220B-VD 20A 24-240VAC Solid State Relay, ASM PN: 44-122035A40


 NEW ASM PN: 845004417 Pushbutton-EMO 40MM Red Push Button/Eaton Cutler E22LLB2B


 NEW ASM 89-108643A04 Cylinder-Gas 2 IN Strk 60LB Force Shaft Spring Stroke SPD


 Keithley 2303 45W High Speed DC Power Supply 15V @ 3A, 9V @ 5A


 MKS 153F-3-80-2/253 Exhaust Throttle Vacuum Valve 253F NW-80 3"


 NEW MKS DMA-24921 1 Torr i-Baratron Pressure Transducer, ASM PN: 65-106645A80


 NEW Parker 2-273 FF350 Parofluor Ultra 2-273/75 White O-Ring ASM PN:60-122486A33


 VDS Vosskühler Edvantek VGL-1000 RX VGL-1000RX Video-Giga-Link Receiver Module


 TTC/Acterna T-BERD 224 PCM Analyzer w/Opts:12041/41934/41500/41502/42659/Keypad


 NEW ASM PN: 3750973-01 Chamber-Process 300mm RP Hybrid (Quartz Reduced Pressure)


 Delta Design PN: 1666339-001 1210 Handler Microstepper Drive Assy Rev. T


NEW Qualiflow AFC 260 H2 2 slm Mass Flow Controller MFC ASM PN: 54-106861A42


 Hipotronics HD-140/HD140/740-D149 AC-DC Hipot Dielectric Breakdown Tester 40kV


 LeCroy CATC IBTracer InfiniBand Protocol Analyzer 2500, I-ANA-1A25, IB001MA


 Labconco 40 ml Complete Fast-Freeze Flask, Cat: 7540000/75420/75400


 NEW ASM PN: 73055-70444 Transport Tube A


 NEW ASM PN: 1002-184-01 Heater H12IHE Assembly/Assy


 Georgia Oven MCV Hybrid High Temperature Vacuum Oven 18 cu. ft. 300°C


 NEW MKS DMA12TCEEANN633 100 Torr i-Baratron Pressure Transducer Manometer ASM


 General Electric/CDE 102P10202 1200 VDC 88 uF Capacitor 88 MFD V Cornell/Aerovox

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