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Working Principles--- 80 micron stainless steel candle filter         

1.It's used for oil filter in BOLL main engine and for removing the solid and gelatinoid which efficiently control the pollution level.Stoste enter into filter from entrance and 
outflow from exit after impurities held up by filter element;


2.Then liquid flow into the clear liquid tank.Along with filtration proceed,filter cake layer is constantly thickening 
and filtration resistance is increasing;


3.When it's up to pressure difference value,filtration component need back wash.Oil inlet and oil outlet should be closed then
 compressed gas come into the tank which filter the remaining liquid thoroughly;


4.When backwashing filtration column,compressed gas blow up filtration cloth which
 makes the impurities between filter cake and filter cloth fall off  and be removed from lower discharge outlet.


Introduction--- 80 micron stainless steel candle filter         


1.Accurate filter installed to oil line behind oil condensor, to remove metal particle as a result of parts attrition in the oil and gum particle resulting from chemical reaction of system media,preventing screw rod wearing out too soon,lengthening its longevity;


2.The sintered metal mesh filter adopts sintered stainless steel fiber felt, has high-pressure, high temperature and chemical corrosion resistance, it also has good air permeability, high dirty holding capacity and long-life service time, can repeat use by clean, is the ideal filter element for petroleum, chemical and synthetic fiber industries.


Product application--- 80 micron stainless steel candle filter         

1.Thermal power and nuclear power: purification of lubrication system in gas turbine engine and boiler

Purification filter of  shipping lubrication system;

2.Metallurgical: used for the filtration of hydraulic system in rolling mill and continuous casting machine and various kinds of lubrication equipment;

3.Petrochemical: Used in the production process, the oil field note well water and gas filter;


4.It is mainly used for sintered fiber , hollow fiber ,macromolecule polymer filtration, high temperature gas filtration, hydraulic system filtration, Pre-filtration of high precision membrane, catalyst carrier and regeneration, food, drink and pharmaceutical;


5.Distribution and cooling material in high temperature condition;


6.Material used for gas distribution and liquidation bed;


7.Material requiring high precision, stable performance in high temperature;


8.High pressure back washable oil filter;


9.Applicable in metallurgical, petrochemical, machinery manufacturing, paper making, textile, food and medicine, life, and environmental protection, oil, water filtration, involving all industries: Crude oil, fuel oil, petrol, kerosene, diesel oil filter, etc The hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, oil, gear oil filter .etc Raw water, sewage , plain water ,reclaimed water filtration .etc;


10.Distribution and cooling material in high temperature;


11.Material used for gas distribution and fluidization bed;


12.Material requiring high precision, stable performance in high temperature;


13.High pressure backwashed oil filter.


Features & Benefits--- 80 micron stainless steel candle filter         


1.Stable pore shapes;


2.High permeability;


3.Low pressure drop; 


4.High dirt-holding capacity (longer life time); 


5.High temperature resistance; 


6.High differential pressure with stand capacity; 


7.Strong corrosion resistant;


8.Back flushing;


9.Excellent mechanical strength;


10.the high intensity, long service life, corrosion resistance, temperature range, without material from

big filter area, big flow, porosity, permeability, high carrying capacity, with strong sex (can be repeated cleaning);


11.with size, Z series (type filter) filtering area for Y series (cylindrical) filtering area of 2.5-4 times, prolong the cartridge replacement cycles;


12.installation ,removal and clean easily.

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