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Stainless steel DN100 T type filter---Discription

1.Material: stainless steel, carbon filter;

2.feature: easy made , advanced structure , easy install and washing , big accept dirt , small resistance , easy drain contamination;

3.effect: T type filter is belong to pipeline rude filter series . Normally installed in pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, the valve for water or other equipment inlet end . Used to clean up the impurity in the media, in order to protect the valve and the equipment normally use . T type filter is a kind of indispensable filtering device which is transport medium pipeline system;

4.working principle: After the liquid through the housing into the basket cartridge ,solid partricles will be blocked within the basket cartridge , and the clean fluid trough the basket cartridge outoff the filter.

Stainless steel DN100 T type filter---Technical parameters

1.Housing material : carbon steel , stainless steel;

2.Nominal diameter : DN40-DN400 mm;

3.Filter screen material : stainless steel;

4.Sealing material : NBR , pllytef (according to working medium );

5.Working temperature : no more than 90 centigrade;

6.Connection type : flange;

7.Normal pressure : 1.6MPa;

8.Micron rating : 10-480 mesh (water 18-30 mesh , gas 40-100 mesh , oil 100-480 mesh).

Stainless steel DN100 T type filter---Application

1.Weak corrosive materials in the chemical, petrochemical production ,eg: water , ammonia , oil , hydrocarbon;

2.Chemical production of corrosive materials .eg : caustic soda , soda ash , dense and dilute sulphuric acid , carbonic acid , acetic acid , ester acid;

3.Low temperature materials in the refrigeration . eg : liquid methane, liquid ammonia , liquid oxygen and all kinds of refrigerating fluid;

4.Light food , pharmaceutical production , health requirements of the material . eg : beer , drink , dairy products , medicine appliance.

Stainless steel DN100 T type filter---Advantage


1.high intensity, long service life, corrosion resistance, temperature range;


2.wire mesh basket filter strainer can be coated chrome or handle coated by chrome plate or e-polishing, it is bright;


3.use economy, simple structure, convenient installation;


4.Portable basket strainer oil filter;


5.good structure,high performance;


6.stainless steel;


7.resistant corrosion;


8.good aftersales service;


9.filter basket, stainless steel filter basket,galvanized filter basket, steel filter basket,stainless filter baskets,filter bags;


10.High Quality & Favorable Price.


When need to be cleaned, Please operate follow these steps

1.unscrew the head at the bottom of the plug,

2.the row of net fluid,

3.remove the flange cover, reload after cleaning.

Therefore, use convenient maintenance.

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