DSHY-100A Anchoring Drilling Machine

                 DSHY-100A   Anchoring Drilling Machine    


  1. Applications:      DSHY-100A anchoring chilling   machine is an important project of "the Ninth five" of the state.   Mainly used in drilling soil and rock anchoring hole for prevention and   treatment of geology disaster screen injection for tunnel, also suitable for supporting   in deep foundation pit of hydroelectric powerstation, communication, energy   capital construction, mini-grouting pile hole, hydrography well and high   pressure jet-grouting.    2.   Features:  1. Hydraulic   top head, hydraulic powerstation separated from drill body; lighten drilling   rig body, and with diesel or motor, meeting the needs of various users.  2 .It is the first time that the rig user coring down-hole hammer, fully   forward-circulation and partial reverse-circulation drilling methods   domestically.
  2. 4. Large powered, top-drive head has big torque and pull force, wide rotary   speed range.  5. Holder and unscrew device, working efficiently, labor saving.  6. 2-tier guiding rail, easy to find hole position.

  Technical Specifications


    Hole dia(mm)




    Drilling depth(m)




    Hydraulic power pack type




(Electric     motor)




    Power model






Power and     ratings






    Hydraulic system pressure(Mpa)




    A-top drill head speeds(r/min)








    Ⅱ series






    A-top drill head torque(Nm)






    Ⅱ series




    B-top drill head speed(r/min)






    B-top drill head torque(Nm)




    lift/feed speeds (m/s)




    Max pull force/Max push force(N)




    Max feed stroke (mm)




    Drilling angle(°)


    Elevation20°Depression angle100°


    mast Raised height horizontally(mm)




    Drill body weight (kg)




    Powerpack weight(kg)




    Mount type


    Plate mounted,drill body separated from power


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