DSHQ-60 Engineering Drilling Machine

                       DSHQ-60 Engineering Drilling   Machine  

  1.      This drilling   machine is newly designed and manufactured according to the requirement of   foundation engineering, suitable for drilling medium mini-type grouting hole   of building, skyscraper, dam and harbor and drilling water well.    2.   Features  Mast structure,   top-drive head can move down or up along with, strength and rigidity  Large torque, compact structure, easy to move  Top-drive head is equipped with hydraulic chuck, drilling Efficiently.  Reasonable arrangement, easy to operate, smooth and quick.

Technical Specifications


    hole dia (mm)




    drilling capacity (m)




    topdrive head speeds(r/min)










    max torque (N.m)




    topdrive head max pull force (KN)


    topdrive head max pulsh force (KN)


    top-drive head stroke (mm)




    hoist lift capacity with singlerope (KN)




    retracting stroke (mm)




    oil pump


    CB32 oil gear pump


    power unit


    electric motor for rotary


Y180L-4     22KW


    electric motor for hoist


Y160M-4     11KW


    innerdia if spindle (mm)




    drill body weight(kg)




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