HYBL-II MOA tester

 MOA arrester tester introduction
1 Large-screen LCD Display, English user menu, Easy to use.
2 Use Precision Sampling and Fourier harmonic analysis techniques to get reliable data.
3 High-speed magnetic isolation digital sensor directly capture the input voltage and current signals.
   Guarantee input data reliability and security
4 With resistive current fundamental peak output, side-phase correction functions.
5 Rechargeable battery, calendar clock, micro printer, can store 120 group measurement data
MOA arrester tester technical index:
1 Current measuring range: RMS 0-10mA, 50Hz/60Hz; Accuracy: ± (display value × 5% ± 5μ A)
2 Resistive current fundamental measurement accuracy (Quadratic method used no inter phase interference): ± (display value × 5% ± 5μ A)
3 Current harmonic Accuracy: ± (display value × 10% ± 10μ A)
4 Reference voltage input range: RMS 25V-250V, THD <30%, 50Hz/60Hz
5 Reference voltage measurement accuracy: ± (display value × 5% ± 0.5V)
6 Voltage harmonic measurement accuracy: ± (display value× 10%)
7 Fundamental current and voltage angle Φ : 0 O -360O
8 Battery: Host 6 hours; Charging power supply: 220V ± 10% 50Hz/60Hz; Charging time: 5 hours
9 Host size: 325× 280× 140 mm3
10 Host Weight: 3.5Kg (without cable)
11 Working environment: Temperature: -10-50º C Humidity: <90%
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