New Rubber Antioxidant PTNP(TPS-2)

新型防老剂 PTNP (TPS-2)


二、结构式:Structural Formula


三、技术要求  Specification  





Heat loss

Acid Value



Yellow powder











PropertiesLight yellow viscous liquid or white powder, proportion is 0.97-0.995, it soluble in acetone, toluene, ethanol and other organic solvents, insoluble in water, storage stability, no color, no pollution, low-cost. Ii is the rubber meet the environmental requirements of the new antioxidant.

Application It can be used as natural rubber, Synthetic rubber and latex antioxidant and stabilizer. He can improve rubber heat resistance, oil resistance, cold resistance, anti-coke burning, but also compatibility and processing technology is very well. For PVC , rubber with useing the materials as plasticizers,it has excellent results. It has been used in tires, hoses, plastic sheets, food gum, colored transparent plastic, PVC products, and all kinds of oil seals. Usage: During the natural rubber, 0.5-0.8 TPS-2 were equivalent to 1 RD with 1 MB; in the SBR , 0.5-0.8 TPS-2 were equivalent to 0.5 4010NA with 2 RD; in the NBR, it is equivalent to 1.5 4010NA; in BR, it is equivalent to 264 were in the equivalent of 1.5. Usage: anti-scorcher, 0.5-1.0 phr; curing agent 2-3 phr; For improving compression set, 1.5-2.0; For improving adhesive strength, 0.5-5.0 phr.

Packing: PE bag lined with PE film.Net weight: 25kg/drum.

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