Reinforcing elements for most applications - Sinorock Hollow threaded bar

The   Hollow threaded bar  is hollow compared to a solid bar of the same diameter and offers higher static strength,higher bending and shearing
strengths.And the h  ollow injection drill rod/anchor bolt   is available in 2m lengths and can be extended to the length required by threaded
coupling sleeves.Besides these,the hollow injection bolt system is easy to transport to the work area, simple to assemble and install.
Basically, Sinorock Hollow threaded bar can be used as reinforcing elements for most applications for Ground Engineering and
Civil/Construction as well as Mining principals in various ground conditions. Particularly considering the economic point of view the system
is used in a variety of loose/unconsolidated soils and ground conditions ranging from clay, sand and gravel to inconsistent fills, boulders,
rubble and weathered rock. Use of the Sinorock Hollow threaded bar system in these conditions makes evident all the benefits and advantages
of the system.
Sinorock has developed rapidly in recent years and it has become one of Asia's major Hollow threaded bars manufacturer.Sinorock products have
been exported to Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, North America, South America and others. The most important thing is that Sinorock can
provide reliable products and excellent services!

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