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ModEva 15T numerical control is dedicated to press brakes with a 2D or 3D graphic display. It can be therefore adapted to the simple as well as to the sophisticated press-brakes.  New parts are programmed on a single page. As a result,Website:, the average time required to set-up the bending of a 3D part, ready to be used, is drastically reduced.  When producing complex parts, most of today's CAD/CAM can transfer their results directly to the numerical control. One such CAD/CAM product that we strongly recommend is MetaBEND. MetaBEND generates a list of numeric specifications for each bend, including back-gauge targets, BDC, force, crowning and the like. In addition, it associates to each bend a digital image. All this is packed in a digital format directly readable by ModEva 15T. The numerical data can be visualized on the BEND NUM page, while the images can be viewed on the IMAGE BEND page. ModEva 15T offers multi-simulation capability. It displays several solutions choices of optimal bending sequences, the tools and the position of the sheet between the tools, as well as collision detection according to criteria defined by the operator. Other simulation criteria for better sheet management, such as minimum length against the operator, minimum return, maximum accuracy between two defined faces and minimum operator manipulation can also be defined. ModEva 15T numerical control units can control up to 18 axes. The software enables manufacturers to configure axes, inputs/outputs and auxiliary functions according to their needs. It can manage sophisticated features such as complex bending aids, angle measurement, slave axes, etc. CybTouch 6 is available in two versions Both versions are specifically designed for conventional (with torsion bar) 2-axes press brakes. P version comes with more inputs and outputs. It has an intuitive and vivid color full touch screen and a high integration of functions. Its robust design is available in panel or housing version. Thanks to its large keys, online help, simplified software and many other automatic functions that constantly guide the operator, CybTouch is as simple as a positioner control. Easy Operating Large, vivid and high-contrast fully touch screen. Simple pages, clear display, large keys. Very simple single bends with EasyBend page. Complete programming allows efficient mass-production of parts with multiple bends. Online help and warning pop-ups make it a very user-friendly software. Available in many languages. Comfortable wireless software updating and data backup using PC or Notebook. Better Bending Various automatic calculations of bend functions according to materials. Bending sequences and programs can be memorized. Angle, pressure and crowning management. Powerful Bend allowance calculation. Pressure - crowning calculation (P version only). Modular tools for each part or bend. Punch depth calculation. Angle and back gauge correction.

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