Slotted Pipes

Slotted PipesThe slotted pipes are mainly used to the water and oil reservation layer without much sand. Its function is to prevent rock bits from dropping into the well bore. The working principle is allowing sand of certain sizes to come through the surface with crude oil but keeping the bigger size sand outside to form sand bridge,Website:, thereby realizing the anti-sand purpose. This type of product is commonly used to sand rock and carbonate reservoir, and especially useful for horizontal wells.Slotting pattern: line slot pattern, staggered slot pattern, multiple staggered slot patternAPI Std. Casing APIID (mm)Length (m)Slot Length (mm)Slot No. (NO./m)Slot Width (mm)Slot ToleranceValid Filter Area (cm/m)Max. Strength KNSpec (mm)Thickness (mm)Per Weight (kg/m)60.3256.8450.33-1210-2002000.25-15±5048512.5473.025.59.156224057.6688.5588.96.513.2275.928067.2995.1101.66.515.2288.6300721151.2114.3718.47100.332076.81400.41277.5222.1311234081.61673.8139.77.7225.11124.336086.41900.29.1729.48121.436086.42232.4168.38.9435.09150.4400962672.95177.88.0533.68161.7440105.62559.29.1938.19159.4440105.62940.7

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