Machine Roomless Passenger Elevator

Model: GRPS20GRPS20 small machine room passenger elevator adopts the compact small machine room layout to effectively reduce the overhead space and cut down the building cost to the full extentGRPS20 FUNCTIONStandard FunctionTravel FunctionVVVF driveMotor rotating speed can be precisely adjusted to get smooth speed curve in lift start,Website:,travel and stop and gain the sound comfort.VVVF door operatorMotor rotating speed can be precisely adjusted to get the more gentle and sensitive door machine start/stopIndependent runningThe lift can not respond to outer calling,but only respond to the command inside the car through the action switchAutomatic pass without stopWhen the car is crowded with the passenger or the load is close to preset value,the car will automatically pass the calling landing in order to keep maimum travel efficiencyAutomatically adjust door opening timeDoor-open time can be automatically adjusted according to the difference between landing calling or car callingReopen with hall callIn the door shutting process,press reopen with hall call button can restart the doorExpress door closingWhen the lift stops and opens the door, press door-shut button,the door will be closed immediatelyCar stops and door openThe lift decelerates and levels,the door only opens after the lift comes to a complete stopCar arrival gongArrival gong in the car top announces that the passengers arriveCommand register cancelIf you press the wrong floor coomand button in the car, twice continuous pressing of the same button can cancel the registered commandDirect parkingIt completely accords with distance principle with no crawling in the leveling. It greatly enhances the travel efficiencySafety functionPhotecell reptectionIn the door open and shut period,infrared light that covers the whole door height is used to probe the door protection device of both the passengers and objectsDesignated stopIf the lift can not open the door in the destination floor out of some reason,the lift will close the door and travel to the next designated floorOverload holding stopWhen the car is overload,the buzzer rings and stops the lift in the same floorAnti-stall timer protectionThe lift stops operation due to slippery traction wire ropeStart protection controlIf the lift does not leave door zone within the designated time after it gets started,it will stop the operationInspection operationWhen the lift enters into inspection operation,the car travels at inching runningFault self-diagnosisThe controller can record 62 latest troubles so as to quickly remove the trouble and restore the lift operationRepeated door closingIf the lift can not close the door due to certain obstacle or interference, the lift will reopen or re-shut the door until sundries results in more safe and reliable lift travelUp/down over-run and final limit protectionThe device can effectively prevent from the lift's surging to the top or knocking the bottom when it is out of control.It results in more safe and reliable lift travelDown over-speed protection deviceWhen the lift downs 1.2 times higher than the rated speed, this device will automatically cut off control mains,stop the motor running so as to stop lift down at over-speed. If the lift continues to down at over-speed, and the speed is 1.4 times higher than rated speed, safety tongs act to force the lift stop in order to ensure the safetyUpward over-speed protection deviceWhen the lift up speed is 1.2 times higher than rated speed, the device will automatically decelerate or brake the liftMan-machine interfaceMicro-touch button for car call and hall callNovel micro-touch button is used for operation panel command button in the car and landing calling buttonFloor and direction indicatior inside carThe car shows the lift floor location and current travel directionFloor and direction indicator in hallThe landing shows the lift floor location and current travel directionEmergency functionEmergency car lightingEmergency car lighting automatically activated once power failureInching runningWhen the lift enters into emergency electric operation,the car travels at low speed inching runningFive way intercomCommunication amid car,car top,lift machine room,well pit and rescue duty room through walkie-talkieFire emergency returnIf you start key switch in main landing or monitor screen,all the callings will be cancelled.The lift directly and immediately drives to the designated rescue landing and automatically opens the doorEnergy-saving functionCar ventilation, light automatic shut offIf there is no calling or command signal within the stipulated time, the car fan and lighting will be automatically closed in order to save the energyRemote shut-offThe lift can be called to main landing(after finishing the service) through the key switch and automatically exists the serviceOptional FunctionEmergency functionLeveling when power failureIn normal power failure, the chargeable battery supplies the lift power. The lift drives to the nearest landingBellIn emergency conditions,if bell button above car operation panel is continuously pressed,electric bell rings on top of the carTravel FunctionAnit-nuisanceIn the light lift load,when three more commands appear, in order to avoid the unnecessary parking, all the registered calling sin the car will be cancelledOpen the door in advanceWhen the lift decelerates and enters into door open zone, it automatically opens the door to enhance the travel efficiencyGroup control functionWhen three or more same model lifts can unanimously respond the calling signal through the computer dispatch.In this way, it reduces the passenger' waiting time to the greatest extent and enhances the travel efficiency as wellDuplex controlTwo sets of same model lifts can unanimously respond the calling signal through the computer dispatch.In this way,it reduces the passengers' waiting time to the greatest extent and enhances the travel efficiency as well.On-duty peak serviceWithin the preset on-duty time,upward transport from the home landing is extremely busy.The lifts are continuously dispatched to the home landing in order to satisfy on-duty peak serviceOff-duty peak serviceWithin the reset off-duty period,the lifts are continuously dipatched to top floor in order to satisfy off-duty peak serviceDoor open time extendingPress special button in the car, the lift door keeps open for certain period of timeMan-machine interfaceVoice announcerWhen the lift normally arrives,voice announcer informs the passengers about the relevant informationThe second  operation boxIt is used in the large loading weight lifts or the lifts with crowded passengers so that more and more passengers can use the carOperation box for handicappedIt is convenient for the wheelchair passengers and those who have vision problemsIntelligent calling serviceThe car command or hoist-way calling can be locked or connected through special interlligent InputIC card  control functionAll(patial)landings can only input car commands through IC card after the authorizationMonitor functionRemote monitorThe lift long-distance monitor and control can be fulfilled through moderm and tele.It is convenient for the factories and service units to timely know the travel conditions of every lift and promptly take the correspinding measuresCamera function in the carThe camera is installed in the car to monitor the car conditionsGRPS20 Small machine room elevator specificationsPersonsRated        Capacity(kg)Rated        Speed        (m/s)Car Szie        (mm)Door Size(mm)        D.W x D.HHoistway size(mm)Machine room size(mm)Max traveling height(m)C.W x C.D2P Central openingH.W x H.DHR.HP.HMR.W x MR.DMR.H64001.01100x1000700x21001700x1650450015001700x165029004586301.01400x1100800x21002000x1750450015002000x17502900451.6/1.754600170095108001.01400x1350800x21002000x2000450015002000x20002900451.6/1.7546001700952.0480018001202.5500020001501310001.01600x1500900x21002200x2150450015002200x21502900451.6/1.7546001700952.0480018001202.5500020001503.0560026001503.5595031001804.0635038501801.0*1100x2100*2100x260045001500*2100x2600451.6/1.7546001700952.0480018001202.5500020001503.0560026001503.5595031001804.0635038501801511501.01700x15001000x21002300x2150450015002300x21502900451.6/1.7546001700952.0480018001202.5500020001503.0560026001503.5595031001804.0635038501801612501.01950x14001100x21002300x2150450015002600x20502900451.6/1.7546001700952.0480018001202.5500020001503.0560026001503.5595031001804.0635038501801813501.01950x15501000x21002600x2200450015002600x22002900451.6/1.7546001700952.0480018001202.5500020001503.0560026001503.5595031001804.0635038501802116001.01950x17501000x21002600x2400450015002600x24002900451.6/1.7546001700952.0480018001202.5500020001503.0560026001503.5595031001804.0635038501802620001.02100x19501200x21002800x2600450015002800x26002900451.6/1.7546001700952.0480018001202.5500020001503.0560026001503.5595031001804.063503850180

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