P2.5 Hotels Reception Room Studio LED Screen

Ultra HD perfect picture quality,Website:http://www.leddisplayfactory.com, exclusive visual feastHigh resolution brings delicate display effect, and it is a perfect embodiment of the new generation of ultra-high-definition LED display technology. Pixel pitch is 1.9mm.Advanced design with originalityUnique in the industry, it perfectly integrates the concepts of bionics, design aesthetics and ergonomics, it is a perfect product with beautiful line.Low brightness with high gray level, more delicate display performanceAdopt high-quality LED blackbody SMD lamp with black mask, the contrast ratio is up to 3000: 1, and the picture is clearer and vivider.Easy realization of Full HD and 4K big screen effectDisplay screen can be spliced into any size and any direction, multi-standard video formats are available, easily realize Full HD and 4K video effect; screen performance is unique.Installation or removal of the power supply box only needs 30sAbandon the traditional design, fix the screws without using electric screwdriver or other tools. The fixed screws can be loosened through manual operation, installation or removal of the power supply box only needs 30s, fast and easy.High contrast and high image qualityHigh quality LED lamp with black body structure and black lamp mask to provide 3000:1 contrast and clearer and more bright-colored image。160° Large viewing angleTOP-structured 0808 black lamp with optically trap lampshade to provide significant optical effect.Micro inner arc design to provide broader viewing angleFloor type support to be assembled by adjustment of different angle according to site requirement and supporting up to 10 degree inner arcSeamless splicing and installation type to assemble screen freelyPatented connecting piece, and hang pin rotating at 120 degree to lock the case, and gap adjustable to ensure the seamless screen, and rapid installation and removal supported. Only 1/4 of installation time compares with traditional structure.SpecificationPixel pitch2.5 mmBrightness1200 nitCabinet size(L×H×T)480×480×95 mmCabinet materialAluminum AlloyCabinet weight9.3 kg/unitPixel configurationSMD 3-in-1 black lightModule size160×80 mmCabinet resolution192×192 dots/cabinetPixel density160000 dot/m2Refresh rate≥1920 HzGray scale16384 levelBrightness control level256 gradeViewing angle(H/V)160/160 degreeIP grade(Front/Back)IP40/IP21Power consumption(Max/Average)550/200 W/m2Voltage110 ~ 240 VWorking temperature﹣20℃ ~﹢50 ℃Operating humidity10% ~ 90%Signal Type (Video processor)AV,S-Video,VGA,DVI,HDMI,SDI,DPControl distanceHSYV:100km:SMF(Single Mode Fiber):10km

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