Rubber Mastic Tape

Applications:Primary electrical insulation for cable and wire connections rated up to 20kV,Website:, with mastic layer on the surface and rubber layer on the bottom. Primary electrical insulation and protecting joints of communication stations. Moisture seal for cable and wire connections. Jacket seal on power cable applications.Features:Conformable for application over irregular surface.Compatible with solid dielectric cable insulations.Excellent weather and moisture resistance.Excellent adhesive and sealing characteristics for copper, aluminum and power cable jacket materials.Working temperature: -55℃ to 105℃Technical properties:PropertyTesting methodTypical dataTensile strengthASTM D 2671≥2.0MPaElongation at breakASTM D 2671≥1000%Dielectric strengthIEC 243≥20kV/mmDielectric constantIEC 2502-3Volume resistanceIEC 93≥1X1014Ω•cmAdhesive and self-amalgamation-GoodOxygen resistance-PassHeat shock(105℃)-PassDimensions:1.65mmX50mmX3000mmOther sizes and packing are available on requested.Related information:The product is supplied as rolls of specified dimensions. Recommend to store in the original packing, protected from moisture, dust, heat and sunlight.

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