Dozer Blades

bulldozer D7R cutting edge 7T6678 bulldzoer D7R buldozer bladeWe offer a wide selection of blades manufactured from 16Mn steel and boron steel.Many of these products are made from both 16Mn steel and boron steel that are heat-treated and hardened to improve the lifespan while meeting the demanding requirements of earthmoving and mining applications.MaterialBoron steel 30MnB,Website:,16MnColorsyellow or as your requirementTechniqueForging ,casting,heat treatedSurface HardnessHRC(45-50) or 30,400HB-550HBCertificationISO9001-9002MOQ10piecesDelievery TimeWith in 15 days after contact establishedMore Models for your revieSome of the part no.for ref:Grader bladePart No.Dimension (mm)HolesHole Dia.5D95531828X152X16135/8"5D95542133X152X16155/8"5D95561828X152X19133/4"5D95572133X152X19153/4"5D95581828X203X19133/4"5D95592133X203X19153/4"5D95612133X203X16155/8"5D95621828X203X16135/8"7D15772133X203X19153/4"7D19492438X203X19173/4"7D11582133x203x16155/8"4T22441828x203x25135/8"4T22422133x203x25155/8"4T22311828x203x25133/4"4T22332133x203x25153/4"8J98212438x203x16173/4"5B55612133x152x1695/8"5B55625B55641828x152x1685/8"9W22971828x152x1385/8"9W22992133x152x1395/8"9W23012438x152x13105/8"232-70-121431828x152x16135/8"234-70-121932133x152x16155/8"234-70-125502133x203x1693/4"234-70-127102133x203x16153/4"232-70-528501828X203X19135/8"234-70-126702133X203X19155/8"235-70-121402438X203X19173/4"Note: the above part number shown are for referrence ,if you want to get more information,pls kindlky conatct us. Any Question,Please Feel Free To Contact Me Anytime.

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