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sewage submersible pump
sewage submersible pump Submersible sewage pumps: It is used for sewage water treatment. Capacity range:10-500m3/h Head range:7~50m
Submersible sand pump
Submersible sand pump a) Submersible sand pump is used for pumping water with sand. b) Small submersible pump set, using for family, garden and other places (functions)...
submersible pump
submersible pump Our product is used for agriculture. The material is include cast iron,stainless steel, bronze. Capacity range : 1~900m3/h Total head range: 10-400...
parts pump
parts pump we producing part of pump for USA,Italy,Saudi Arabia etc. we produce kinds of material,Include stainless steel,cast iron,bronze.
stainless steel centrifugal pump
stainless steel centrifugal pump Centrifugal pump series: a)Single stage end suction centrifugal pump,(IS series) b)Split case double suction pump,(OS series) c)Horizontal multi-st...
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