Allen Bradley | 2094-BC02-M02-M | Kinetix 6200/6500 Integrated Module In-stock

Condition: 2094-BC02-M02-M
New in box,  sealed

Delievery: 2094-BC02-M02-M
3-5 days after payment ship out

Warranty: one year warranty

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Also have below Allen Bradley Rockwell part in stock:

0041-507500415075Shaft Seal Kit W Series00884951155640008849511556402097-V31PR02097V31PR0Kinetix 300 Servo Drive2097-V31PR22097V31PR2Kinetix 300 Servo Drive2097-V32PR02097V32PR0Kinetix 300 Servo Drive2097-V32PR22097V32PR2Kinetix 300 Servo Drive2097-V32PR42097V32PR4Kinetix 300 Servo Drive2097-V33PR12097V33PR1Kinetix 300 Servo Drive2097-V33PR32097V33PR3Kinetix 300 Servo Drive2097-V33PR52097V33PR5Kinetix 300 Servo Drive2097-V33PR62097V33PR6Kinetix 300 Servo Drive2097-V34PR32097V34PR3Kinetix 300 Servo Drive2097-V34PR52097V34PR5Kinetix 300 Servo Drive2097-V34PR62097V34PR6Kinetix 300 Servo Drive2097-CONN12097CONN1Kinetix 300 Memory Spare Connector Set2097-F12097F1Kinetix 300 EMI Filter2097-F22097F2Kinetix 300 EMI Filter2097-F42097F4Kinetix 300 EMI Filter2097-F52097F5Kinetix 300 EMI Filter2097-F62097F6Kinetix 300 EMI Filter2097-MEM2097MEMKinetix 300 Memory Modules 12 pack2097-PGMR2097PGMRKinetix 300 Memory Module Programmer2097-R22097R2Kinetix 300 Shunt Resistor2097-R32097R3Kinetix 300 Shunt Resistor2097-R42097R4Kinetix 300 Shunt Resistor2097-R62097R6Kinetix 300 Shunt Resistor2097-R72097R7Kinetix 300 Shunt Resistor2097-TB12097TB1Kinetix 300 I/O Breakout Board2099-BM06-S2099BM06SKinetix 7000 Servo Drive2099-BM07-S2099BM07SKinetix 7000 Servo Drive2099-BM08-S2099BM08SKinetix 7000 Servo Drive2099-BM09-S2099BM09SKinetix 7000 Servo Drive2099-BM10-S2099BM10SKinetix 7000 Servo Drive2099-BM11-S2099BM11SKinetix 7000 Servo Drive2099-BM12-S2099BM12SKinetix 7000 Servo Drive2090-K6CK-D44M2090K6CKD44MKinetix Safe Speed Connector kit2094-AC05-M01-S2094AC05M01SKinetix 6000 Integrated Axis Module2094-AC05-MP5-S2094AC05MP5SKinetix 6000 Integrated Axis Module2094-AC09-M02-S2094AC09M02SKinetix 6000 Integrated Axis Module2094-AC16-M03-S2094AC16M03SKinetix 6000 Integrated Axis Module2094-AC32-M05-S2094AC32M05SKinetix 6000 Integrated Axis Module2094-AM01-S2094AM01SKinetix 6000 Axis Module2094-AM02-S2094AM02SKinetix 6000 Axis Module2094-AM03-S2094AM03SKinetix 6000 Axis Module2094-AM05-S2094AM05SKinetix 6000 Axis Module2094-AMP5-S2094AMP5SKinetix 6000 Axis Module2094-ANCON-12094ANCON1Kinetix 6000 Connector Set2094-ANINV-22094ANINV2Kinetix 6000 Connector Set2094-BC01-M01-M2094BC01M01MKinetix 6200/6500 Integrated Axis Module2094-BC01-M01-S2094BC01M01SKinetix 6000 Integrated Axis Module2094-BC01-MP5-M2094BC01MP5MKinetix 6200/6500 Integrated Axis Module2094-BC01-MP5-S2094BC01MP5SKinetix 6000 Integrated Axis Module2094-BC02-M02-M2094BC02M02MKinetix 6200/6500 Integrated Axis Module2094-BC02-M02-S2094BC02M02SKinetix 6000 Integrated Axis Module2094-BC04-M03-M2094BC04M03MKinetix 6200/6500 Integrated Module2094-BC04-M03-S2094BC04M03SKinetix 6000 Integrated Axis Module2094-BC07-M05-M2094BC07M05MKinetix 6200/6500 Integrated Module2094-BC07-M05-S2094BC07M05SKinetix 6000 Integrated Axis Module2094-BM01-M2094BM01MKinetix 6200/6500 Axis Module2094-BM01-S2094BM01SKinetix 6000 Axis Module2094-BM02-M2094BM02MKinetix 6200/6500 Axis Module2094-BM02-S2094BM02SKinetix 6000 Axis Module2094-BM03-M2094BM03MKinetix 6200/6500 Power Module2094-BM03-S2094BM03SKinetix 6000 Axis Module2094-BM05-M2094BM05MKinetix 6200/6500 Power Module2094-BM05-S2094BM05SKinetix 6000 Axis Module2094-BMP5-M2094BMP5MKinetix 6200/6500 Axis Module2094-BMP5-S2094BMP5SKinetix 6000 Axis Module2094-BNCON-12094BNCON1Kinetix 6000 Connector Set

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